You’ve got to be kidding!!! Cali farmers use oilfield waste water on their crops…WTF???

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Some popular California-grown fruits and nuts are irrigated with waste water from oilfields. No one has been checking if the practice is actually safe — until now.

Using oilfield waste water for irrigation is an unregulated practice in California that has has been going for years.

Oil companies are not required to disclose those chemical additives but the ones involved in the irrigation project recently did so voluntarily at the request of the regional water board.

The additives make for a long list.

There was is information on how much or how often the products are used. But many of the ingredients, such as ethylene glycol, cumene, methanol, ethylbenzene and naphthalene are on California’s Prop 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer.

At least two water districts so far are buying the oilfield waste water for irrigation, and a third has expressed interest in using it too.

The Environmental Working Group and other environmental groups are calling for a moratorium on new applications until we know for sure that the practice is safe.

Source: CBS News


Judge slams @LongBeachPD_CA #bigots for brutalizing gay men

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A Los Angeles County judge on Friday strongly criticized the Long Beach Police Department’s practice of conducting sting operations against gay men, saying the department’s tactics were tantamount to discrimination.

Superior Court Judge Halim Dhanidina made the remarks in Long Beach while invalidating the 2014 arrest of Rory Moroney.

Moroney was ensnared by an undercover vice team that had set up a sting operation. After receiving what he believed to be flirtatious signals from an undercover detective, Moroney was arrested.

The decision in the closely watched case was celebrated by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activists across Los Angeles County.

Many said they were troubled by Long Beach’s tactics.

Moroney, 50, of Long Beach, would have been required to register as a sex offender if convicted.

Source: LA Times

“I think it’s coming to an end very soon” — @realDonaldTrump

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warmed up a packed house at the California Republican Party convention by telling the audience that his victory in the race for the GOP nomination is inevitable.

“In the history of Republican primaries, I’ve gotten the most votes,” Trump told the crowd. “And we haven’t even hit the big states yet.”

Trump ripped into GOP rivale Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas for selecting prior presidential contender and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina as his running mate earlier this week. Trump said it was an act of desperation.

“He picked Carly. And I like Carly. But when she left, she had no votes,” Trump said.

“It’s coming to an end. I think it’s coming to an end very soon,” Trump said.

Source: LA Times

The #PoliceState demands your fingerprint to unlock your phone

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If you haven’t figured out by now, your iPhone really isn’t “your” iPhone.

As the world watched the FBI spar with Apple this winter in an attempt to hack into a San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, federal officials were quietly waging a different encryption battle in a Los Angeles courtroom.

There, authorities obtained a search warrant compelling the girlfriend of an alleged Armenian gang member to press her finger against an iPhone that had been seized from a Glendale home. The phone contained Apple’s fingerprint identification system for unlocking, and prosecutors wanted access to the data inside it.

It marked a rare time that prosecutors have demanded a person provide a fingerprint to open a computer, but experts expect such cases to become more common as cracking digital security becomes a larger part of law enforcement work.

The Glendale case and others like it are forcing courts to address a basic question: How far can the government go to obtain biometric markers such as fingerprints and hair?

Source: LA Times

The @CAGOP feels the wrath of @realDonaldTrump

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“They basically have to bribe the delegates, and it’s not the right system,” Trump said. “It’s a horrible, horrible, disgusting system.”

Donald Trump, rallying supporters amid a second consecutive day of protests, called on Friday for the Republican Party to unite around his candidacy, even as he chastised the party’s nominating process and mocked his rivals.

Trump offered a more mechanical assessment of the race, keeping up his criticism of an unpledged delegate system he said is “rigged.”

Ted Cruz and John Kasich, who are scrambling to deny Trump the delegates necessary to secure the nomination, were expected to speak later at the convention.

Trump leads Cruz and Kasich among likely Republican voters in California.

The New York businessman likened Kasich to a “spoiled child” for staying in the race despite lagging far behind, and he criticized a pact in which Cruz and Kasich agreed not to compete against each other in three states.

“It shows total weakness,” Trump said. “It shows such ineptitude and such weakness.”

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Election officials prepare for a surge in voter participation

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Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that directs $16.29 million to counties to help pay for expected high turnout in the June 7 presidential primary and to process a coming deluge of petitions from groups seeking to qualify November ballot measures, including one championed by the Democratic governor.

Assembly Bill 120’s signing comes a few weeks after Secretary of State Alex Padilla alerted Brown to a “surge” of voter interest in the June election because of the high-profile Republican presidential primary. As they plan for that, county election officials face the prospect of trying to verifying as many as 9.4 million petition signatures, Padilla wrote the governor.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Feckless @LindaKatehi hires lawyer, plans one last shakedown of @UCDavis

Screenshot 2016-04-30 at 07.26.19

Linda Katehi was suspended this week from her job as chancellor of UC Davis after several days of drama. Told to resign, she asked for more time, sources said. She hired a lawyer and fired off an email saying she was committed to remaining chancellor. That same day, she was suspended by UC President Janet Napolitano.

Her lawyer remains defiant, insisting that her client is a victim of “scapegoating” by Napolitano, and observers wonder how the rest of this standoff will play out.

“Certainly Chancellor Katehi, as a public official, should be afforded due process and all other required protections as these allegations are investigated,” George Mason University professor James Finkelstein, an expert on corporate board participation by university executives, wrote in an email after the chancellor was suspended.

We agree…but the charges leveled against her should be criminal charges filed by Attorney General Kamala Harris. Harris should act immediately.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Is the @GOP blaming @realDonaldTrump for @RepJeffDenham’s and @RepDavidValadao’s problems?

Screenshot 2016-04-30 at 07.10.19

Democrats targeting two San Joaquin Valley, California, congressional incumbents are placing their bets on Donald Trump.

In a preview of coming campaign attractions, the challengers to Reps. Jeff Denham of Turlock and David Valadao of Hanford joined with Democratic strategists Thursday in trying to wrap Trump around the necks of their Republican opponents.“

Like most Californians, I’m deeply offended by Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric,” said farmer Michael Eggman, who is challenging Denham. “We’re going to send Trump Republicans like Denham packing.”

Emilio Huerta, who is challenging Valadao, joined in the effort, coordinated by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.“We just can’t go back to the time that Latinos were blamed for all our country’s woes,” Huerta said.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

#Lyin’ @TedCruz busted for breaking ‘alliance’ with @JohnKasich

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This guy Cruz is a pathological liar…amazing.

Four days ago, the star-crossed, state-splitting alliance of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made its debut.

Three-and-a-half days ago, it began to show serious cracks.

And on Thursday, it seems, the arrangement reached its nadir.

Mr. Cruz was asked by reporters about the status of the agreement, which stipulated that Mr. Kasich would cede Indiana to Mr. Cruz if Mr. Cruz abandoned plans to campaign in New Mexico and Oregon.

“There is no alliance,” Mr. Cruz said. “Kasich and I made a determination where to focus our energies, where to focus our assets, where to focus our resources.”

You think Kasich is pissed???

Cruz when on to dump on Kasich further, “John Kasich made the decision, in his own political self-interest, to withdraw from Indiana and to go compete elsewhere.”

Minutes later, taking the stage at a convention hall, Mr. Cruz told voters that Mr. Kasich had no path to victory. What a rat this guy Cruz is. “John Kasich has pulled out,” he said, omitting any further context. “He’s withdrawn from the state of Indiana.”

As Mr. Cruz spoke, Mr. Kasich’s chief strategist, John Weaver, tapped out a semicryptic message on Twitter: “I can’t stand liars.”

Source: The New York Times

#Rich, #whiteprivilege #racist #SiliconValley #bigot attacks the poor, minorities

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 09.49.38

Tech CEO Mark Woodward appears to be the latest leader in the industry to draw public ire for his use of social media to express contempt for disadvantaged Bay Area residents.

In a public Facebook conversation about unauthorized vendors allegedly selling produce on street corners in San Jose’s tony Willow Glen neighborhood, the Invoca CEO said he would destroy the vendors’ fruits and harass them in other ways if they attempted to operate near his home.

Responding to an interview request, an Invoca spokeswoman claimed the company had been unable to reach its CEO for comment.

When Woodward’s initial comments drew heated criticism, the CEO doubled down, claiming he had previously driven off a family of recyclers.

Woodward is not the first Bay Area tech employee whose comments about the disenfranchised have sparked outrage.

This guy is just a jerk.

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

Survey: #Terror state/#Islam correlation is clear

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In terrorist states such as Pakistan, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, more than half of the people believe that their government laws should strictly follow the tenets of Islam, according to a Pew Research Center study published Wednesday.

The survey focuses generally on whether the Koran should influence national laws and is not restricted to any aspect of Koranic principles, such as the religious legal system of sharia.

The Pew survey polled 10,194 respondents in face-to-face interviews across 10 countries and territories that have significant Muslim populations.

In Pakistan, 78% of respondents said the laws in their country should “strictly follow” the teachings of the Koran, putting it in first place among nations where residents hold this view. The Palestinian territories came in second with 65% of the population supporting strict adherence to the Koran for the government’s laws, a 29% increase over responses in a similar survey in 2011, according to the Pew study.

It’s no coincidence that terrorism dominates these regions.

In Malaysia, the strongest sentiment in favor of strict adherence to the Koran when it comes to national laws is predominantly held by Muslim Malays.

And around half of Nigerian Muslims say they prefer the strict interpretation of the Koran for their country’s laws.

Source: LA Times

The @SFChronicle rips into #UCDavis’ feckless @LindaKatehi

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 09.14.59

Misleading the public and lying to the university president aren’t worthy of a campus leader.

Napolitano’s action, termed an “investigatory administrative leave,” is a barely disguised invitation for Katehi to quit amid a mind-reeling string of missteps. The latest accusations, spelled out in a letter to the chancellor, worsen the picture of a campus leader with woeful judgment and an aversion to the truth.

The chancellor’s daughter-in-law, a university employee, got a $50,000 raise over 2½ years, and her supervisor got a 20 percent salary bump too. Napolitano, a measured executive not given to exclamation points or public grandstanding, is plainly put out by Katehi’s exasperating behavior and the continuing stream of embarrassing revelations.

Adding to the pent-up atmosphere is the fact that Napolitano had defended the chancellor for taking a paid board slot with for-proft DeVry University.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

#SiliconValley’s boardrooms are “Men Only”

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 09.06.31

The opportunity was there: vacant board seats, a call for more directors.Yet in several recent shakeups at Bay Area tech firms — from giants like Yahoo and numerous startups where venture capital firm Sequoia Capital has a seat — no one took the opportunity to appoint a woman to the board of directors.

On many of those boards — and hundreds of others from San Francisco to San Jose and beyond — every seat is held by a man. This failing is not unusual, industry experts said, and points to a bigger issue in the tech industry: Women are sorely underrepresented in boardrooms.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

California Assembly concludes @JohnDukeWayne was a #racist

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.48.49

The California Assembly refused Thursday to honor actor John Wayne after a sharp debate in which he was accused of being a racist.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 137, which would have declared May 26 – his birthday – as “John Wayne Day,” garnered just 35 votes, six short of the required majority, while 20 members voted against the measure and 25 members refused to vote.

Several Democrats joined minority Republicans in voting for the Wayne resolution. The measure had been approved unanimously by the Assembly Rules Committee three days earlier.

Several Latino and black members recited Wayne’s words they said disparaged both blacks and Native Americans.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

UC Regent @GavinNewsom says ‘it’s time’ for feckless @LindaKatehi to go – and he’s right!

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.41.37

A day after UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was placed on investigatory administrative leave, at least one member of the University of California’s governing board has joined the calls for her to resign.“We’re frankly past that point,”

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, one of the 26 voting members of the Board of Regents, said Thursday in an interview with The Sacramento Bee.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Cali gun-rights groups wring their hands as @GavinNewsom’s gun-grabbing initiative makes the ballot

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.30.41

Gavin Newsom continues to steamroll gun-rights organizations.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the architect of an omnibus gun-control initiative to require background checks for ammunition, said Thursday that the campaign has collected enough signatures to qualify for the fall ballot.

Newsom said he plans to submit roughly 600,000 signatures for his “Safety for All,” initiative on Friday, far more than the required 365,000.

Gun-rights groups have pledged a spirited opposition campaign. But so far, they’ve done nothing to stop Newsom’s efforts. One wonders what they do with all that money they rake in from unwitting gun-owners???

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Self-dealing by @LindaKatehi knew no bounds

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.22.22

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi has spoken with pride about her family’s involvement with the university. Now UC President Janet Napolitano considers them a potential liability.

Napolitano’s first concern when placing Katehi on leave Wednesday was the potential for nepotism involving her son and daughter-in-law and that their employment matters may have violated UC policy.

In a letter to Katehi, Napolitano wrote that “questions have been raised about the employment of some members of your family, including whether employment actions related to your daughter-in-law and son violate University conflict-of-interest policies and requirements related to the employment of near relatives.”

An independent investigator is expected to scrutinize their promotions, raises and job changes.


Source: The Sacramento Bee

Cali lawyers prove just how pathetic they really are

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.17.53

Feckless Joe Dunn and his lawyer pals have been screwing California for years.

At 10:31 a.m., the former Orange County state senator, who is now running for a seat in Congress, dispatched a campaign news release touting his support by a school union.

At that very moment, 416 miles to the north, the Assembly Judiciary Committee was delving into dysfunction in the State Bar leading up to Dunn’s dismissal as its executive director in 2014.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Opening day – @realDonaldTrump sets the tone with immigration speech

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 08.12.37

Donald Trump, touching off his presidential campaign in California ahead of the state’s critical primary, said Thursday that California has suffered more than any other state from “open borders,” while pinning crime in the Los Angeles area to illegal immigration.

Rallying thousands of supporters in Orange County, the Republican frontrunner lamented rising crime in Los Angeles and invited on stage families of people killed by undocumented immigrants.

“We’re going to build a wall,” said Trump, appearing in an amphitheater with a large American flag draped behind him. “We can’t have this, folks. We don’t have a country anymore. I’m looking at statistics where your crime numbers are so crazy, they’re going through the roof.”

The speech, Trump’s first in California since it became clear the primary here could prove determinative, underscored how prominently Trump’s signature policy proposal – to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border – remains to his campaign.

“No state in America has suffered worse from open borders than the state of California,” Trump said. “Its impact on jobs, wages, security, schools, hospitals, has been devastating.”

While Trump’s supporters chanted “Build that wall” inside the Orange County Fair & Event Center, crowds of protesters blocked traffic outside. Some waved Mexican flags.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

House passes email privacy bill…feckless Senate balks

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 07.09.56

For the first time, your email may soon get a layer of protection from government scrutiny.

The House of Representatives Wednesday passed the Email Privacy Act, a bill that would force government representatives wanting to have access to older email messages to get a warrant first. Right now, law enforcement and other officials need only issue a subpoena to get access to email that is older than 180 days.

Some 314 of the House’s 435 members co-sponsoring the bill, assuring its passage in the chamber. Its fate in the Senate, however, is uncertain. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will have purview over the bill in that chamber, has not said whether his committee will take it up.

Source: San Jose Mercury News

#Bigots in #Tennessee make it legal to hate #LGBTs

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.44.32

Tennessee has a new law making it legal to trash the state’s LGBT community.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a bill that allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the therapist’s religious or personal beliefs.

That’s code for hating LGBTs.

The American Counseling Association called the legislation an “unprecedented attack” on the counseling profession and said Tennessee was the only state to ever pass such a law.

Note to Tennessee – we don’t think Jesus hates the #LGBT community. We’re pretty sure about this.

Source: LA Times

How the @FBI took control of your #iPhone

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.30.59

The FBI paid more than $1 million to crack into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5C.

The agency won’t disclose how the phone was broken into.

“The FBI purchased the method from an outside party so that we could unlock the San Bernardino device,” Amy Hess, the bureau’s executive assistant director for science and technology, said in an email.

FBI Director James Comey said that his agency was still assessing whether the vulnerability used to unlock the iPhone belonging to Syed Farook would be disclosed to Apple or the public.

Basically, the FBI owns your iPhone. Nice job Apple.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

LOL!!! The Stop @realDonaldTrump Movement Gets Desperate

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.24.07

The fading campaigns of Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich were showing signs of desperation even before Donald Trump’s five-state sweep of Republican primaries Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Cruz and Kasich agreed on a plan to essentially cede certain primary contests to each other in an effort to prevent Trump from securing the nomination before the July convention in Cleveland.

The most novel scheme to keep Trump from getting the requisite 1,237 delegates is being developed by three veteran California GOP strategists: Rob Stutzman, Ray McNally and Richard Temple.

The GOP’s parade of losers gets longer.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The @CarlyFiorina pick show just how clueless @TedCruz really is

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.15.45

The Cruz-Fiorina ticket: Great for China, Goldman Sachs and Citibank. Not so good for everybody else.

Even in a political campaign that explodes rational assumptions daily, analysts say there isn’t a lot that makes sense about Ted Cruz’s choice of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on Wednesday as his running mate.

Even if Cruz were to pull off a miracle at the convention, analysts say it’s not clear how Fiorina would help him.

She has never been elected to public office and failed badly the two times she has tried — a 2010 U.S. Senate race loss to Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer in California and her own short-lived presidential campaign this year.

Fiorina not only doesn’t have an electoral constituency, she also has no geographic constituency — she moved to Virginia after the 2010 loss.

During her 2010 Senate run, she faced ads deriding her for owning yachts and getting a salary increase as HP employees lost their jobs.

The Boxer campaign painted her as a one-percenter who received $21 million in cash and another $19 million in stock and pension benefits in her severance package after the HP board ousted her.

It’s hard to see how the Cruz campaign would use that experience.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

#Racism at @SFPD a poison that affects the public safety of San Francisco

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.07.03

The San Francisco Police Department keeps lurching from crisis to crisis.

The combined force of these scandals, along with a number of controversial killings by police over the past several months, has outraged San Franciscans.

For the past several days, a small group of protesters at the Mission station have said that they’re on a hunger strike for Suhr’s resignation or firing. It’s a reminder that the person who needs to answer for the department’s ills is the one at the top.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Feds bust #CalPERS rat for beating up girlfriend

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 06.01.11

The former chief executive of CalPERS, already facing prison time for taking bribes, has been hit with a federal arrest warrant after he was jailed in Sacramento on charges of committing battery against a former girlfriend.

A federal magistrate judge in San Francisco issued the warrant Monday for former CalPERS CEO Fred Buenrostro after a pretrial services officer argued that Buenrostro’s battery arrest constituted a violation of the terms of his bail in the bribery case.

Buenrostro, 66, who has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, had been free on bond since his indictment in the federal case three years ago.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

BOE cracks down on Jerome Horton after lavish spending spree

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 05.50.33

California’s tax-collecting Board of Equalization has moved swiftly to clamp down on purchase contracts and leases following a Sacramento Bee report that revealed one member’s office furniture cost taxpayers more than $130,000.

The new policy also requires the executive director to “regularly report on significant changes” to leased space and requires board approval for new office leases.

The expanded responsibilities for the executive director amended an existing agenda item on Tuesday and were posted on the board’s website and announced via email the same day.

Officials in the board’s public relations office did not respond to questions about the timing of the new policies.

The amendment followed a Bee investigation this week that found that board member Jerome Horton last fall received designer office furniture that cost $118,000 plus another $12,000 to deliver and install. For reasons unknown, six new white-leather-and-wood chairs that cost about $1,200 each went into storage.

Horton has refused to discuss the purchase with The Bee.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Nepotism, self-dealing and dishonesty – @LindaKatehi needs to go

Screenshot 2016-04-12 at 07.33.42

The allegations are stunning: nepotism, self-dealing and dishonesty. And yet UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi defied even the president of the University of California, rather than gracefully leave.

On Wednesday, UC President Janet Napolitano was forced to place Katehi on administrative leave, paying her for 90 days, but also making clear the gravity of the allegations against her.

Katehi has been dogged for most of her 6½-year UC Davis tenure by mistakes caused, regrettably and in large measure, by hubris.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Bias trial rocks Sacramento County Sheriff @ScottJonesCA7

Screenshot 2016-04-28 at 05.25.30

Scott Jones runs a department plagued by rampant bias against women under his command.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones was in the unique role of defense witness as he faced attorneys for four female deputies who sued his department claiming they were discriminated against by officers under his command.

The deputies absorbed career setbacks under Jones’ watch, either when Jones ran the county’s main jail from 2007 to 2008 or after he was elected sheriff of the 1,900-member department in 2010.

Plaintiffs Lt. Dawn Douglas, Deputy Jodi Mendonca and retired administrative Sgt. Tracie Keillor say they were moved from their positions at the county’s main jail after they confronted their captain, now-Undersheriff Erik Maness, with suspicions he had inappropriate contact with and gave preferential treatment to a female deputy under his command. An internal investigation found the charges to be unsubstantiated.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Witnesses come forward to confirm 2015 @SFPD #DeathSquad killing

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 09.15.55

Two witnesses who saw SFPD officers shoot a man in the back last year in the Mission have come forward.

The two male witnesses did not want to come forward, but were convinced that their testimony would help right a wrong.

Pastor Richard Smith at St. John The Evangelist said the witnesses “were basically traumatized by what they saw.”

Smith said the witnesses, who worried the police would come after them if they testified. “‘What would they do to us if we now come forward?’” Smith said the men asked him.

They are right to be afraid.

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

Texts provide convincing evidence of @SFPD’s hideously #racist culture 

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 08.56.29

The text messages compared blacks to animals and made light of shootings. They called Latinos “beaners” and targeted gay officers. And all of them were sent by San Francisco police officers.

Such are the contents of the latest bigoted text messages to come out of the San Francisco Police Department — released in detail Tuesday — which are one more piece of evidence that the SFPD has a culture that condones bias, said Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Adachi released the texts after receiving them through discovery in a related criminal case from the District Attorney’s Office, which first made the existence of the texts public last month.

The details of the texts could throw more fuel on the fire surrounding police misconduct, bias and use of force in San Francisco. Last year another group of officers was discovered to have sent similarly offensive text messages, but the department waited too long to discipline them and the one year statute of limitations ran out.

Like there’s a statute of limitations on racism…??? WTF!

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

‘Get out’! @realDonaldTrump to @TedCruz and @JohnKasich

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 08.35.36

Donald Trump called on his rivals to drop out of the Republican primary race Tuesday night after he swept the night’s five contests.

“It’s over,” Trump said at a victory celebration at the same gilded office and condo tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue where he launched his campaign last summer.

“Sen. Cruz and Gov. Kasich should really get out of the race,” he said.

Source: LA Times

#EpicFail: @HillaryClinton crushes @BernieSanders #progressive dreams

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 08.23.50

Hillary Clinton built an all but insurmountable delegate lead over Bernie Sanders on Tuesday night with victories in four out of five Eastern states, leaving the Vermont senator with little choice but to focus on influencing the Democratic Party’s agenda rather than winning its presidential nomination.

Source: LA Times

Big wins put @realDonaldTrump in the drivers seat heading into Cali primary

Screenshot 2016-04-25 at 07.38.35

After sweeping five Northeastern states’ primaries Tuesday, Donald Trump declared himself the GOP’s “presumptive” presidential choice and boosted his chances of winning the nomination without having to wrestle for delegates at the Republican National Convention in July.

For the anti-Trump factions, the game now turns to “Stop Trump” guerrilla warfare, a fight in which California Republicans are likely to be key in determining the billionaire developer’s fate when they vote June 7.

In California, Tuesday’s sweep has “a huge psychological effect,” said Trump’s California campaign manager, Tim Clark.

“Now, when you look at the Cruz and Kasich campaigns, they’re like baseball teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs. They’re out there just going through the motions.”

Clark expects Trump to kick into high gear in California, starting with his scheduled speech Friday at the California Republican Party convention in Burlingame.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco’s Prop. D targets @SFPD’s #DeathSquad killings

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 08.07.26

The least-controversial part of San Francisco’s very controversial discussion about law enforcement reform is a ballot measure expected to pass in the June 7 election.

Proposition D, spearheaded by Supervisor Malia Cohen, would require the civilian agency that looks into complaints of police misconduct to investigate every officer-involved shooting, instead of just shootings when a complaint is made.

The Office of Citizen Complaints investigates only about half of police shootings because investigators cannot open a case unless someone files a complaint — even though they respond to the scene whenever an officer fires a gun.

Cohen said that she believes many people don’t know they may file a complaint and that changing the process sends “a clear message to everyone near and far that we value transparency and accountability.”

“Proposition D is one step that brings us closer to rebuilding trust, and we are going to do that through transparency,” she said.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Hallelujah! @SenateRepCaucus wises up, focuses on tax breaks for people who actually need them

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 07.56.52

The Senate Republicans have finally come up with a strategy that actually helps people.

Perhaps it’s an issue of messaging that plagues California Republicans, who have struggled to retain a foothold at the Capitol in recent years.

The Senate’s minority caucus on Tuesday called a press conference to highlight its priority legislation for the session, touting a package of tax breaks in terms of uplifting California’s most vulnerable residents rather than the typical discussion of boosting the economy.

Finally they’ve gotten the message. Hallelujah!

Source: The Sacramento Bee

US Warns Citizens Over Possible #Islamic Attacks in Turkey

Screenshot 2016-04-27 at 07.49.32

In a warning posted on its website late Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy said Washington continued to receive reports that terrorist groups “are seeking opportunities to attack popular tourist destinations throughout Turkey.”

Turkey has been hit by six deadly suicide bombings since July that were either claimed by Kurdish militants or blamed on the Islamic State group.

Two Israeli-Americans, an Israeli and an Iranian were killed in an IS attack at Istanbul’s main pedestrian street last Month. In January, 12 German tourists were killed in the city’s historic district.

Source: ABC News

Dems debate Boxer’s replacement

Screenshot 2016-04-26 at 09.46.42

California’s Democratic state attorney general cemented her front-runner status Monday night in a debate that spanned substantive policy issues between the top five candidates.

Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. Rep Loretta Sanchez, a fellow Democrat who is vying for second place in the June primary, distinguished themselves dramatically in style, with Harris maintaining her typically reserved, poised approach and Sanchez delivering a shoot-from-the-hip approach, but differed little when it came to policy.

Harris said she wants to bring a rational approach to issues such as drug policy and gun control that doesn’t cast them as all-or-nothing choices.

Republicans Tom Del Beccaro, Duf Sundheim and Ron Unz were also at the debate.

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

Just Stupid: @BernieSanders attacks Dem #delegates, #superdelegates

Screenshot 2016-04-26 at 09.35.26
What kind of an idiot is Bernie Sanders anyway?

In a year when the acrimonious Democratic presidential primary battle is likely to continue all the way to the July convention, being a party superdelegate sounds like way more fun than it is.

Just ask Shawn Bagley.

It was 2 a.m. when the insistent ring of his cell phone woke the Salinas man from a sound sleep. Fearing the worst, he staggered through the house and picked up the phone, only to find a nasty message from a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, angered that the Democratic National Committee member was supporting Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

“Now I know what it feels like to be targeted,” Bagley said. “Since December, I’ve probably had more than 300 calls, Facebook messages, tweets and emails — almost all of them from Bernie’s people.”

The messages aren’t often pleasant. “Has your vote been bought?” one asked. “Keep in mind you’re currently pledged to a criminal,” said another. “Do you not respect democracy?” asked a third.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Lol! @TedCruz vetting outsourcing queen @CarlyFiorina for VP slot

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Carly Fiorina, who outsourced thousands of HP jobs to China makes Ted Cruz’s VP list.

Loser presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina is being vetted as a potential vice presidential pick by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a Fiorina aide said Monday.

Fiorina, 61, has been an active supporter of Cruz since shortly after she ended her own presidential bid in February, frequently introducing him at campaign events and fundraisers.

Cruz’s campaign manager tweeted that aides had begun vetting possible picks, but he didn’t name any.

Need more proof Ted Cruz is a moron? But hey, the Chinese and Goldman Sachs will be happy.

Source: LA Times

Al Qaeda hunts down, murders gay couple

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Any way you look at this, these people just aren’t nice.

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility Tuesday for the killings of a gay rights activist and his friend.

Ansar al-Islam posted Twitter messages claiming responsibility, saying the men “were working day and night to promote homosexuality … with the help of their masters, the U.S. crusaders…”

Police said the victims – Xulhaz Mannan, editor of Bangaldesh’s only LGBT magazine and a longtime employee of the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, and theater activist Mahbub Rabbi Tonoy – had been followed for several days before their slaying.

The killings were “planned extensively,” said the inspector general of Dhaka police, Shahidul Haque. No arrests have been made in the case.

Source: LA Times

#Smoking #vaping ban coming to #UC and #CSU

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This guy doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself very much.

California State University and community college campuses could soon be cigarette and e-cigarette free, with the Assembly passing a bill to bar students from using either product on campus.

While the University of California prohibits smoking and vaping on every campus, only six of the 23 CSU campuses have moved to institute outright bans.

The chancellor’s office has yet to take up a proposed system-wide tobacco and vaping ban. The CSU board of trustees has not taken a position on AB 1594.

Stylish #JeromeHorton tricks out his BOE office on your dime

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Stylish Jerome Horton tricked out his new BOE office on your dime. We’re sure he appreciates your generosity.

Last fall, more than $118,000 of designer furniture rolled into to a new downtown Sacramento high-rise office suite for Jerome Horton.

Then the chairman of the tax-collecting Board of Equalization, Horton had moved operations a few months earlier from the ninth floor of U.S. Bank Tower to its 21st floor. The new space offers a stunning view of the Statehouse and grounds out his office window, 300 feet above Capitol Mall. Some board staff privately call the office “Jerome’s aquarium” for its conference room’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls embossed with the agency’s seal.

Horton’s new furniture, some of it stashed away unused in another building as of last week, reflected the office upgrade.

According to purchase records obtained by The Sacramento Bee, more than 150 items on one invoice from Sacramento-based Miles Treaster & Associates included 24 white-leather-and-walnut chairs ($1,172 each), a matching couch ($2,267) and 21 wall-mounted cabinets with frosted-glass doors and “grooved edge top-silver undertrim” ($11,248 total). A separate invoice listed, among other items, eight satin-finish metal coat racks for $88 each and one “Blomus Symbolo Umbrella Stand (Stainless Steel, 20” tall)” for $115.

With delivery and installation of $12,000, taxpayers spent slightly more than $130,000 to outfit Horton’s office.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Cali farmers defend pesticide use around kids

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Kids or profits….farmers choose profits.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation is developing new rules that would restrict pesticide use near schools. Anti-pesticide activists are calling for a ban on pesticides within one mile of any public school.

Who can argue with that? No one wants farmers indiscriminately spraying chemicals around our kids.

No one except Cali farmers who want to keep spraying tons of this stuff all over the valley.

We’re not buying the spin.

Perv Berkeley Law School dean is mad because he got busted

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Another jerk from UC.

A former University of California, Berkeley law school dean who was disciplined last year for violating the university’s sexual harassment policies has lashed out at a new review of his behavior, calling it an unjust attack on his legal and academic rights.

Sujit Choudhry, who resigned his deanship last month but remains on the faculty, has asked the disciplinary committee of Berkeley’s Academic Senate to drop the second review, which could lead to the loss of his tenure, according to documents released by his attorneys Monday.

In a university investigation last year, Choudhry admitted he repeatedly hugged, touched and gave kisses on the cheek to his former executive assistant, Tyann Sorrell, from September 2014 to March 2015. Then-Provost Claude Steele, in consultation with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and others, privately ordered the law school dean to take a 10 percent pay cut, undergo behavioral training and apologize to Sorrell.

Source: The Sacramento Bee



Cali water regulators continue to act like babies

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Two members of the state board that will play a crucial role in the fate of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to build two giant tunnels through the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta rebuffed demands from a south state water agency that they disqualify themselves from upcoming hearings on the issue.

State Water Resources Control Board Chair Felicia Marcus and board member Tam Doduc said there was no merit to a claim filed last month by the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority that accused them of having already made up their minds about a critical issue that could translate into less water delivered to south state water agencies that depend on water pumped from the Delta.

Two members of the state board that will decide the fate of Jerry Brown’s controversial plan to build two giant water tunnels through the heart of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, seen here, quashed a protest Monday that would have disqualified them from an upcoming water rights hearing.

The influential water authority, made up mostly of San Joaquin farm-water contractors, and other south-of-Delta water customers like the concept of the tunnels. But so far most have voiced only tepid support for the project because the Brown administration can’t predict how much water the tunnels would deliver. Those south state interests would be on the hook for the $15.5 billion cost.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Cali Senate votes to keep fast-tracking minorities into prison

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Enjoy your Police State.

Despite impassioned pleas by supporters to reverse a policy they argue has disproportionately hurt minorities, legislation to repeal sentencing enhancements for certain drug crimes fell short in the California Senate on Monday.

Three members of the majority Democratic caucus joined Republicans in opposition and another five abstained.

SB 966 was granted reconsideration, and Mitchell said she plans to take it up again. She expressed disappointed that the debate missed her point and focused too much on drug cartels, even though sentencing enhancements for weight and volume would still allow authorities to purse harsher penalties for large-scale traffickers.

“That image and fear is out of step with who is locked up,” she said.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Cali pols threaten jurors for seeking the truth about our rigged court system

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Jurors who threaten to derail trials by researching them on Google or posting comments about them on Twitter are often dismissed with nothing more than a tongue-lashing from a judge.But that may soon change in California.

Legislation supported by state court officials would authorize judges in some counties to fine jurors up to $1,500 for social media and Internet use violations, which have led to mistrials and overturned convictions around the country.

As jurors and judges have become more technology-savvy in recent years, the perils of jurors playing around with their smartphones have become a mounting concern, particularly in technology-rich California.

A 2011 state law made improper electronic or wireless communication or research by a juror punishable by contempt.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: LA Times

Fired clowns at @OCSD continue to disgrace themselves, screw taxpayers

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A pathetic lawsuit pitting five former department leaders against Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is now in the hands of a judge, who must weigh the dismissed officers’ demand for $19 million in damages.

The judge should blast every one of these losers.

Superior Court Judge Frederick P. Aguirre said Friday he plans to rule within 10 days whether the five were terminated because of a budget crunch, or if the sheriff used the layoffs as an excuse to jettison those she associated disgraced ex-Sheriff Mike Carona.

Disgraced is the operative word here. Carona was a moron and his pals likely fall into the same category.

Attorney Joel W. Baruch, who represents the ex-high-ranking officials, accused Hutchens of lying at the time of the 2009 layoffs and during her testimony in the long-running civil trial.

Like Hutchens’ clients never ever lied. WTF? Does Hutchens think we’re idiots.


Here are the names of the Police State thugs who filed the lawsuit to screw Orange County Taxpayers: former assistant sheriff’s Jack Anderson and John Davis, and former captains Brian Cossairt, Deana Bergquist and Robert Eason.

These guys are just money grubbing Police State jerks.


Source: Orange County Register

Creepy #SiliconValley CEO and his #racist family terrorize San Francisco woman

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District Attorney George Gascón should throw this racist, brutal, woman beating thug in prison.

The ex-girlfriend of a former San Francisco tech CEO wrapped up in a domestic violence scandal was too frightened to testify against him Friday at a probation violation hearing, according to a district attorney investigator.

Gurbaksh Chahal, 33, was back in court at the Hall of Justice for allegedly violating his probation on three occasions in recent years, including a September 2014 incident where he is accused of repeatedly kicking his then-girlfriend inside his Rincon Hill penthouse.

Chahal was fired from his position at the top of RadiumOne after pleading guilty in April 2014 to two of charges in a separate domestic violence matter from the year prior. Chahal initially faced more than 40 domestic violence related counts.

Source: San Francisco Examiner

#Brutal #racist @LASDHQ deputy gets a slap on the wrist

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A jury Friday acquitted an L.A. County sheriff’s deputy of a series of felonies in the beatings of inmates, but convicted him on three misdemeanor counts of simple assault.

Prosecutors accused Jermaine Jackson of beating inmates in the Compton courthouse lockup and Twin Towers jail and said he later lied on reports about the incidents. He was charged with three counts each of assault by means likely to produce greatly bodily injury, assault by a public officer and filing a false report.

Jurors deadlocked on one of the counts of assault under the color of authority and will return Monday to continue deliberating.

During opening statements in the trial, as Deputy Dist. Atty. Ann Marie Wise said Jackson ruled the jail “with an iron first,” Jackson shook his head and sighed.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: LA Times

GOP donors back the losers

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California’s Republican donors spent $55 million in the 2016 presidential race, mostly on candidates who have dropped, according to a Times analysis of financial disclosure documents.

Now, just as the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns have joined a divide-and-conquer strategy against Donald Trump, many of those donors have said they plan to keep their checkbooks closed.

Some are spending money, though — to stop Trump. Read on to see why one venture capitalist says, “I’m going to be on the sidelines for a long time.”

Source: LA Times

For a change, the Cali race for US Senate actually means something

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California hasn’t had an open Senate seat since 1992, when Sen. Barbara Boxer was elected and Sen. Dianne Feinstein was retained in what became known as the Year of the Woman.

In this election year, with the extended-play presidential primaries absorbing the political world’s fascination, many voters may not have noticed the race to succeed Boxer.

It’s time to pay attention.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle