Evangelicals to Trump: Dump feckless Romney


David Lane, who led a national effort to get evangelical voters to the polls and ministers to run for office, said Trump has only “one chance” to craft a cabinet and he should look beyond Romney, who has been forced to eat crow as he campaigns for the State position.

“President-elect Trump gets one chance to fill the cabinet with individuals who share his vision and values, and will be loyal team players. One chance. Appointing a self-motivated adversary to a top cabinet seat will demoralize the millions of grassroots, precinct-level conservative supporters who delivered Trump the presidency on November 8th,” said David Lane, of the American Renewal Project.

A key issue for the critics is whether Romney, who dined with Trump and his chief of staff Reince Priebus Tuesday night in New York City, can be trusted to promote his president — or himself.

“The Bible speaks to to the principle of equal yoking. In a position as key as secretary of State, it’s critical to have someone who can wholeheartedly advocate for the administration positions and not seek to undermine them overseas,” said Rich Bott, president of his Bott Radio Network.

“Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint,” he said in an email quoting Proverbs.

Lane compared Romney to former President George H.W. Bush, who he said squandered the Reagan legacy because he wasn’t a Reagan conservative.

Source: The Washington Examiner


El Cajon police execute mentally ill man, family wants justice


The father of Alfred Olango and civil rights activists on Tuesday called for a federal investigation into Olango’s fatal shooting by El Cajon police.

Officer Richard Gonsalvez executed Olango, who was mentally-ill in El Cajon.

On Sept. 27, Olango’s sister Lucy called 911 to report that he was acting strangely, and motorists reported to police that the man was walking into traffic.

Gonsalves arrived at the scene, and opened fire.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

The #PoliceState fails again…no one willing to bust the Ohio State killer #Islamic


The Somali-born Islamic who carried out a car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University apparently stayed under the radar of federal law enforcement.

Nice work Police State.

Amazingly, the killer Islamic Abdul Razak Ali Artan was not known to FBI counter-terrorism authorities before Monday’s rampage.

WTF NSA, CIA, and FBI?  Billions of dollars and you didn’t see this guy coming at us? WTF???

Law enforcement officials have not identified a motive for the Ohio State violence. So let us help them out — Islam.

The mode of attack – plowing a car into civilians, then slashing victims with a butcher knife – was in keeping with the recommended tactics of jihadist propaganda.

Facebook posts that were apparently written shortly before the attack and came to light afterward show Artan nursed grievances against the U.S.

Source: The Associated Press

Thanks to lazy Republicans, now the Democrats control everything in Sacramento


Nice work California GOP. Sacramento is officially a one-party town again.

The election of Democrat Josh Newman in the outer Los Angeles suburbs, settled just this week, assured the party of a supermajority in both houses of the California Legislature. With Democrat Jerry Brown in the governor’s office, the party is in a position to do what it wants without a single Republican vote.

That gives Democratic legislators the two-thirds threshold required to raise taxes, put constitutional amendments on the ballot, among them political spending laws, enact “urgency bills” that take effect immediately or override a governor’s veto if he rejects the will of his party brethren.

One thing is certain in Sacramento: The business lobbyists don’t go away just because the Democrats have a firm lock on power. They develop alliances with more centrist Democrats who are willing to consider their concerns.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

Kopp calls out Mayor Ed Lee over blatant campaign finance law violations


Quentin Kopp wasted little time making his presence known as the newest member of the San Francisco Ethics Commission, calling on Monday for an investigation into Mayor Ed Lee.

Kopp — a former supervisor, judge and state legislator — joined the commission in September. Kopp’s appointment was noteworthy not only because of his resume but also because of his reputation for being cantankerous.

At Monday’s meeting, Kopp said it appears a campaign committee created to defeat Propositions D, H, L and M on the Nov. 8 ballot failed to report itself as a “candidate-controlled committee.”

Lee’s senior adviser, Tony Winnicker, took an unpaid leave of absence from the administration to serve as the committee’s consultant. Lee also helped raise money for the committee.

Based on those factors, Kopp said Tuesday, “it appears to have earmarks of a controlled committee.”

The Ethics Commission defines a committee as controlled “if a candidate (or his or her representative) has significant influence on the actions or decisions of the committee.”

Unlike “ballot measure committees” — which is how the No on D, H, L and M committee registered — candidate-controlled committees can’t accept contributions from contractors with recent business with the city.

In short, it was another Ed Lee criminal racket designed to circumvent the law.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


Pension-spiking case going to the Supreme Court


California’s top court has agreed to issue the last word on a ruling that would give state and local governments new powers to cut public employee pensions.

The state Supreme Court’s final decision will have reverberations on local government budgets for decades. It will also influence other cash-strapped states, many of whom are closely watching the case.

This is a crucial decision that will have an enormous impact on government budgets for the foreseeable future.

It will help governments around the state decide how many public services they can continue to provide citizens in the years to come.

While the unions in opposition have tried to make the case about the status of pension benefits in general, the case is specific.

The state wants to curb an abusive current practice, not avoid its responsibility to provide state and local workers with a reasonable retirement.

It has a responsibility to public employees, but it also has a responsibility to California residents.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

Romney continues to beg Trump for work


Before Donald Trump secured the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney called him a phony and a fraud who made worthless promises.

But since Trump won the election, Romney has been groveling on his knees begging for work in the Trump administration.

When Romney exited the restaurant, he spoke much more positively about Trump than he had during the primary, calling it a “wonderful evening.”

Although choosing Romney could placate some establishment Republicans hoping for a more conventional choice for the nation’s top diplomat, he’s also controversial within Trump’s circles.

A top Trump adviser has publicly warned that some supporters may feel betrayed if Romney is chosen.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

AQMD slams metal plants polluting Paramount with cancer-causing emissions


Air quality officials are taking enforcement action against two metal-processing plants they believe are contributing to alarming levels of cancer-causing hexavalent chromium discovered recently in Paramount.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District filed for an administrative order Tuesday against Aerocraft Heat Treating Co. and Anaplex Corp. to force them to cease operations or take steps to stop violating pollution and public nuisance rules.

The filing accuses the two facilities of “conducting operations resulting in the emissions of hexavalent chromium that significantly contribute to the high levels of cancer risk that persons in the city of Paramount are exposed to.” The agency did not rule out naming other, unspecified businesses that may be identified during the course of its investigation.

In a separate violation notice Tuesday, the air quality agency also cited Anaplex, a metal-processing and finishing facility, for endangering public health by discharging hexavalent chromium and for altering, installing and operating equipment without permission.

The violations were uncovered during a recent investigation of more than 20 facilities in the city southeast of Los Angeles.

The facilities operate in an area where air monitoring last month detected a hot spot of hexavalent chromium at more than 350 times normal levels — among the highest concentrations in the region.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Congress reaches a lousy compromise on enlistment bonus scandal


House and Senate negotiators announced a compromise Tuesday that would permit the Pentagon to forgive debts owed by thousands of California National Guard soldiers who received improper bonuses during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The agreement, included in a defense bill due to be voted on by the House on Friday and the Senate next week, seeks to strike a balance between the Pentagon’s concerns about fraud in the bonus system and lawmakers’ attempts to resolve a scandal that has hurt thousands of military veterans and sparked a public furor.

The compromise calls on the Pentagon to forgive the enlistment bonuses and student loan benefits unless the soldier who received the money “knew or reasonably should have known” that he or she was ineligible for it.

The provision stops short of requiring the Pentagon to forgive debts owed by all California Guard soldiers as long as they fulfilled the terms of their enlistment contracts and did not commit fraud — a far more sweeping waiver that members of the California delegation had proposed.

In other words the Pentagon decides who gets debt forgiveness. Forgive us, but this is a lousy deal for the troops. The same people who screwed them are now in charge of deciding who gets their money back? That’s hardly fair. It’s lousy.

Our position is clear, every soldier should have this phony scam debt forgiven. Every single one. Furthermore, every general remotely close to this hideous scandal should be fired, fined and thrown in jail.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

California says killer cows are the real cause of global warming


California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm. The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock.

Despite strong opposition from farmers, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation in September that for the first time regulates heat-trapping gases from livestock operations and landfills.

Cattle and other farm animals are major sources of methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas. Methane is released when they belch, pass gas and make manure.

In short, cows are killers, they’re destroying our planet.

Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, with beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it, according to a 2013 United Nations report.

Regulators are looking for ways to reduce so-called enteric emissions — methane from the bodily functions of cows. That could eventually require changes to what cattle eat.

But the biggest target is dairy manure, which accounts for about a quarter of the state’s methane emissions.

State regulators want more farmers to reduce emissions with methane digesters, which capture methane from manure in large storage tanks and convert the gas into electricity.

Source: The Modesto Bee

Stein is a loser who is making her supporters look stupid


The chances of changing the election result with selective ballot recounts are next to nil. Yet a combination of self-interest and a desire for misdirection have propelled factions to debate the results of an election already decisively settled.

Trump, by claiming that millions of ballots were cast illegally for his opponent, as he has done on Twitter in recent days, he may be building the case to claim a larger mandate for his victory despite the fact that Hillary Clinton is leading the popular vote by more than 2 million votes.


Trump’s rhetoric may also sow the seeds of future efforts to propose more restrictive voting rules championed by some of his top advisers. Hint, the same rules the Mexicans use in their election would be good: Proof of citizenship, a photo I.D. and fingerprinting.

Failed Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein has been seeking voter recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, three states that Trump won and that together carry enough electoral votes to give the election to Clinton. Reversing the result in just one of the states, let alone all three, is all but impossible. Yet Stein’s gambit allows her to raise money and attract attention to a candidacy that failed to galvanize the vast majority of voters.

Stein is a loser who is making her supporters look stupid.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Great News! #LASD deputies sentenced to prison for the ruthless beating of a mentally ill inmate


Hey LASD, maybe pick up a copy of the Constitution and read it. Pay particular attention the 4th Amendment.

Police State thugs Jason Branum and Bryan Brunsting worked alongside each other as Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in the downtown Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

A federal judge sentenced them to prison for beating a mentally ill inmate and lying to cover up the attack., saying the pair were swept up in an “us versus them” culture in the jails that pitted deputies against inmates.

The two men are the latest deputies to face imprisonment in connection with a county jail abuse probe that has so far led to the convictions of 20 Sheriff’s Department officials.

Brunsting, 31, was ordered to spend 21 months in custody, and Branum, 36, was given five months.

Their case revolved around allegations made by a former recruit who said he was only days on the job at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on March 10, 2010, when he was summoned by his training officer, Brunsting, and told that an inmate had left his cell without permission and mouthed off to jail staff.

“We’re going to teach him a lesson,” Joshua Sather recalled Brunsting telling him.

Sather, who had graduated from the academy at the top of his class, testified he tackled the inmate and punched him several times but then stopped because he wasn’t resisting. Other deputies then set upon the inmate with a barrage of kicks and blows. The inmate, Sather said, lay curled up on the ground throughout, screaming and crying.

Prosecutors alleged that the inmate, Philip Jones, was attacked in a locked hallway of the jail that lacked surveillance cameras. They told jurors he was kicked in the genitals, punched and pepper-sprayed.

When they were done, Sather testified, the deputies gathered privately to concoct a justification for the beating that they gave sheriff’s officials in falsified reports.

Jurors took only 90 minutes to reject the defense argument. Brunsting and Branum were convicted of conspiracy to violate an inmate’s civil rights, depriving him of his civil rights under color of authority and falsifying records.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

It’s official: Democrats own the California Legislature — @CaGOP wiped-out again


The California Republican Party had been completely and utterly repudiated by California voters.

Democrat Josh Newman has defeated Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) to win the race for the 29th Senate District, giving Democrats in the Legislature a two-thirds majority in both houses.

Newman  had been steadily gaining ground as provisional and absentee ballots were counted over the last three weeks. As of yesterday afternoon, Newman’s lead over Chang had grown to more than 2,100 votes.

Democrats had already secured a supermajority in the state Assembly with the defeat of Republican legislators Young Kim (R-Fullerton), Eric Linder (R-Corona) and David Hadley (R-Manhattan Beach).

With a supermajority, a political party can raise taxes, place measures on the statewide ballot, enact laws immediately with an “urgency” clause and override a governor’s veto.

California Republicans have been relegated to their gerrymandered districts leaving them completely neutered and totally without any input into policy-making. Losers.

It’s too bad for Ling Ling Chang. She is a good leglslator and an hard campaigner. The California Republicans let her down too.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

San Francisco Muni gives hackers the middle finger — well done!


The Muni in San Francisco was attacked by a hacker trying to squeeze $73,000 in ransom to unlock the agency’s computer systems.

Muni refused to pay up. Instead, officials shut down the system’s ticket machines, threw open the fare gates as a precautionary move, and contacted the Department of Homeland Security and their own technology division to contain the attack, they said.

Muni handled the situation just right.

“Considering paying that ransom was never an option,” said Paul Rose, an MTA spokesman.

Well done Muni.

By Sunday morning, the fare gates and ticket machines were up and running, and by Monday most systems were working again, Rose said.

The anonymous hacker used a ransomware attack — malicious software sent via email — to lock up employee computers at 900 workstations, shut down Muni’s email system and knock out the time-tracking portion of its payroll system, Rose said.

The hacker displayed messages on otherwise dark computer screens declaring “You hacked,” and asking for 100 bitcoins, a digital currency, or about $73,000. Muni never communicated nor negotiated with the hacker, Rose said. Instead, Muni officials relied on advice from federal officials and a backup system to restore the network.

Clueless FBI officials in San Francisco did not return calls to the San Francisco Chronicle for comment. Remind us again why we have these guys, and the equally cluelss NSA, listening to all of  our phone calls and reading all of our emails?

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

#PG&E’s latest #DiabloCanyon scam nails ratepayers


Pacific Gas and Electric Co. plans to give the communities surrounding California’s last nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon, at least $85 million to cushion the economic blow of closing the facility. That’s far more than the $49.5 million the utility had initially proposed.

PG&E and officials from San Luis Obispo County, as well as several cities near Diablo Canyon, announced the new spending agreement Monday. The extra money would help replace property tax revenue that will be lost if the plant closes in 2025 as PG&E plans.

The money won’t really come from PG&E. Instead it will come from more than 5.4 million customers, but only if California regulators approve. That shouldn’t be a problem as the California Public Utilities Commission as you know from reading CalNews.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of PG&E.

PG&E stunned many Central Coast officials in June when the utility announced plans to close Diablo Canyon, located on a seaside bluff in San Luis Obispo County. With 1,500 employees, Diablo is a major source of jobs and tax revenue for the surrounding communities. Taxes from the plant account for about 10 percent of the $80 million annual budget for the San Luis Coastal Unified School District, for example.

In short, these phony environmentalists on the Central Coast are OK with a nuke plant as long as they’re getting paid.

The whole deal is rotten.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


It’s #Islam Again: Ohio State Killer Identified


An Islamic plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at Ohio State University and began stabbing people with a butcher knife Monday before he was shot to death by a police officer.

The police said they are investigating whether it was a terrorist attack. Everybody else on the planet knows it was.

Nine people were hurt, one critically.

The attacker was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born legal permanent resident of the U.S., according to a U.S. official. Nice work I.C.E. Thanks for nothing.

The FBI and other agencies joined the investigation, as usual, after the fact.

Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone said that the Islamic terrorist deliberately drove over a curb outside a classroom building and then got out and began attacking people with the knife.

A campus officer who happened to be nearby because of a gas leak arrived on the scene and shot the driver in less than a minute.

Nice shooting officer.

The Islamic State group has urged sympathizers online to carry out attacks in their home countries with whatever weapons are available to them.

They got their wish this morning.

Source: The Associated Press

Two powerful cartels fight to control who provides Americans their drugs


Americans love drugs, and Mexican drug cartels are here to help.

Manzanillo and the surrounding state of Colima were once best known for their black sand beaches, lime groves and a smoldering volcano that erupts every century or so.

But over the past year, the region has claimed a new title: murder capital of Mexico. According to federal figures, Colima registered 434 homicides in the first nine months of 2016 – a huge number in a population of just 700,000.

Local officials blame the killings on outsiders or describe it as score-settling between petty criminals.

But analysts of the drug war say the violence is part of a nationwide realignment of organized crime – and a bitter struggle to control the port of Manzanillo, one of the biggest on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Ten years of a militarised campaign against the cartels has not ended the trade in drugs, or helped enforce rule of law in Mexico. It has, however, weakened or splintered several crime factions – leaving a handful of powerful survivors fighting for the spoils.

Colima is currently the setting for a confrontation between two of the most formidable: the Sinaloa Federation – led by imprisoned capo Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán – and the Jalisco New Generation cartel, known by its Spanish initials as the CJNG.

Way to go America.

Source: The Guardian

Californians have pretty much had their fill if the #Islamics


You think people in California might be getting a little tired of the Islamics?

The author addressed the letter “to the children of Satan” and called Muslims “a vile and filthy people.”

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” the letter said, “President Donald Trump.”

An anonymous group calling itself “Americans for a Better Way” has sent a letter to at least three California mosques, according to the Council for Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group.

Since the election, the Southern Poverty Law Center has documented more than 700 incidents of hateful harassment or intimidation against minorities. According to CAIR, at least 100 anti-Muslim incidents have taken place during that same period.

Maybe if the Islamics stopped killing people and blowing stuff up people would be more receptive?

Source: CNN

Nancy Pelosi is nearly finished – it’s just a matter of time

While nearly everyone in the elite media expects House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to stave off her leadership challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in a secret-ballot contest on Thursday, that result is unlikely to stave off the party’s anxiety.Pelosi’s end is obviously near.

The very fact of Ryan’s challenge underscores the frustration of younger, newer Democratic caucus members at their coastal, veteran leadership team.

Democrats challenging Pelosi are talking mostly about how frustrated they are with being locked out of the majority for six years and counting, with no end in sight.

In three out of the past four elections, House Democrats have failed to perform to expectations. Since President Obama’s election, Democrats have lost more than 60 House seats.

In short, Pelosi and her team are a bunch of losers.

Source: The Washington Post

California wants to ban lawyer sex with clients


The nation’s largest state bar association is overhauling ethics rules for attorneys for the first time in 30 years, and some lawyers are unhappy about a proposal that would open them up to discipline for having sex with clients.


California currently bars attorneys from coercing a client into sex or demanding sex in exchange for legal representation.

The sex ban has divided the rules revision commission, though similar restrictions are in place in other states. As of May 2015, 17 states had adopted a blanket sex ban drafted by the American Bar Association, according to an ABA committee that looked at implementation of the group’s ban.

A bright-line rule would provide clarity to attorneys and remove the difficulty of proving the sexual relationship was the result of coercion or negatively affected the lawyer’s performance, supporters say.

Source: The Fresno Bee

Castro’s dead, but the boat people aren’t going back


This is sure to raise the ire of the bigots in Orange County and the rest of the Latino hating GOP.

As people poured into the streets of Miami’s Cuban neighborhoods in jubilation early Saturday following the news of Fidel Castro’s death, few of those born in the island nation were talking about moving back to their homeland.

The idea of returning used to be the primary reason Cubans in South Florida spoke out against the Castro regime. They had been kicked out of the country, or were forced to flee, thus becoming political refugees in the U.S.But now some emigres say they would rather remain in the U.S., where they’ve enjoyed a standard of living that would be tough to match if they returned to communist Cuba.

Oh, now they tell us.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Russian propaganda: The elite media’s new Red Scare


This is hilarious. The San Francisco Chronicle’s take: “The alarming evidence of Russia’s involvement in the U.S. presidential election continues to grow.

OMG! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

First, Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, accused Russia of interfering with the election, citing WikiLeaks’ release of hacked information during the campaign.

Now, two teams of independent researchers have found that Russia was using a sophisticated propaganda campaign to spread misleading articles — fake news — online to undermine Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The researchers used analytics tools to trace the origins of social media posts and mapped connections among accounts that mysteriously kept delivering synchronized messages.

They discovered that many of these accounts belonged to controlled, Russian-backed networks.

OMG! The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!

According to the Chronicle, The U.S. government doesn’t have many tools for detecting or fighting foreign propaganda.

Seriously? WTF does the NSA do all day besides spy on virtually every American’s emails and cell phone calls?

Americans are more credulous than they might be if we had experience with authoritarian governments; a recent Stanford study found that a large majority of U.S. students can’t tell the difference between real and fake news.

That’s a laugh, most U.S. students don’t know that Mexico is not part of the United States either.

Our social media platforms — where an increasing percentage of Americans are finding their news — are designed to boost company profitability, not to educate the citizenry.

No kidding. Welcome to America.

Congress needs to investigate Russia’s election involvement, and our security agencies need to improve our technological defenses against foreign propaganda. A cyberwar with a foreign power may not involve guns and missiles, but it can still inflict great damage.

Thanks but we already have a Police State that does all this. Maybe the Chronicle should find out why the NSA, the FBI and the rest of the Police State wasn’t up to the task?

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

Developers leverage Prop 51 to line their own pockets; poor schools get nothing


Unlike previous bonds, Proposition 51 was placed on the ballot not by lawmakers, but by developers looking out for their own interests. Its approval locks in an outdated system that was designed for a time when the student population was growing, and its application process may limit poor districts’ chances of claiming their fair share of the money.

Developers don’t care. They just want the money and were willing to do or say anything to get it.

Instead of prioritizing projects for needy communities, the state will dole out these bond proceeds the way it always has: on a first-come, first-served basis. Scores of well-off districts are already in line, and small, impoverished ones have no one in their corner helping them navigate the complicated application process. That means some worthy repair projects may never see a dime.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle


First #Brexit, then the #PirateParty, now #Trump…it looks like Italy is next


More bad news for European elites.

The winds of change in western democracies have since whipped up into a storm and, as the Brexit vote, the Pirate Party victory in Iceland, and the election of Trump demonstrated, voters have stopped giving the answers their politicians expect.

Traditionally among the most enthusiastic proponents of European integration, ordinary Italians are furious at the EU’s failure to share the burden of the huge migration surge to their southern shores.

Lectures from Brussels on the need to cut public spending and balance budgets, given the desperately straitened times, have added insult to injury.

It is no coincidence that a current bookshop bestseller – 1960: The Best Year of Our Lives – is a nostalgic evocation of the Italian postwar economic miracle, when the country’s growth was judged to outstrip Germany’s.

Source: The Guardian

Ruthless American businesses blatantly target #Latino labor


Whether they’re working in an L.A. garment factory, or toiling in a field or factory elswhere in Latin America, U.S. businesses love to exploit Latinos. Especailly if they’re immigrants.

Garment workers have had enough. Beating drums and waving hand-lettered signs, 40 garment workers marched in front of a Los Angeles Ross Dress For Less outlet chanting “Ross Stores, you can’t hide! We can see your greedy side!”

Among the protesters on a sunny Saturday before Thanksgiving, Maribelia Quiroz, 46, mother of three, said she stitches blouses for Ross at a downtown contractor, earning $300 a week for up to 60 hours of work, with no overtime.

That’s less than half California’s legal minimum wage. “The bosses fire anyone who asks for more,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Ross said the retailer complies with labor laws. (Sure they do.) But federal officials say Quiroz’ wages are typical of Southern California’s underground garment industry, a vast web of factories which employs immigrants, many of them undocumented, in Los Angeles and Orange counties and the Inland Empire.

Earlier this month, U.S. Labor Department officials cited three multi-billion dollar retailers, with thousands of stores nationwide, as the worst offenders in setting prices that drive illegal wage theft: Ross, TJ Maxx and Forever 21.

Source: The Orange County Register

#CalExit? Why not?


We’ve got more people than Canada, a bigger economy than France, and enough farms to feed half the world and leave the other half stoned out of their minds.

So could California really go it alone? Or is this independence “Calexit” thing just its latest pipe dream?

For many liberal Californians, Donald Trump’s election made them question their state’s place in the union. Instead of seeing California as steering the nation toward its multiethnic, tech-friendly future, Californians suddenly feel as if we’re getting shoved backward.

So it’s no wonder that a 2-year-old movement for Californian independence suddenly went from 500 followers on Twitter before Election Day to more than 16,500 today.

Last week, Yes California, known to many supporters by its “Calexit” hashtag, filed paperwork for a ballot measure with the Secretary of State’s Office that would set the stage for a vote on California independence in 2019.

Source: The San Jose Mercury News

Loser #JillStein’s self-serving #recount2016


As much as it may feel good to demand a recount of the presidential vote in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania, the odds are that nothing will change.

It it doubtful that anyone seriously connected with the Hillary Clinton campaign will join the recount effort or suggest vote tampering.

Even lawyers supporting the recount simply say it’s about testing the count to eliminate the possibility that something might have been hacked, given the pre-election polling that showed Clinton ahead.

According to former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, the only winner in the recount is Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who officially requested a recount in Wisconsin on Friday and got what every little known politician wants: attention.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

The #Islamics use wildfires to spread terror in #Israel


Two days after a wave of wildfires spread throughout the mixed Arab-Jewish city of Haifa and forced tens of thousands to flee, residents returned to pick through the blackened debris of their homes while pondering what had started it all.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday had called the string of brush fires “arson terror’’ and announced the arrests of suspected arsonists as the wildfires, now extinguished in Haifa, threatened other cities around the country. The blazes, which have forced Israel to rely on foreign reinforcements to get them under control, continued into a fifth day Saturday, threatening towns in the Galilee mountains in the north and the wooded hills around Jerusalem.

A police spokesman said that 30 individuals had been arrested on suspicion of arson in recent days, but declined to give more details. Meanwhile, politicians echoed Netanyahu’s accusation that there’s “no doubt” fires were set on purpose. Anat Berko, a parliament member from the ruling Likud Party, alleged on Israel’s Channel 10 news that Haifa’s Arab neighborhoods had been deliberately spared.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

California’s top-two primary has ensured that the party bosses stay in charge


It has always been, and will always bee, all about the money.

California has now conducted 469 regularly scheduled races under the top-two primary — elections for governor, Congress and every seat in the Legislature. The bottom line: changes, yes, but likely only on the margins.

“For Democrats, I think the top-two has had an impact,” said Eric McGhee, a research fellow at the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. “But it’s certainly not enormous.”

McGhee says the most measurable result has been more mildly liberal Democrats elected to the Legislature, bolstered by an enormous amount of cash from independent political action committees. These lawmakers, more often than not aligned with business groups, gained notoriety by refusing to accept some of their party’s more sweeping ideas on combating climate change.

But researchers haven’t seen the same measurable impact on Republicans in the state Capitol, or in the partisanship of Californians elected to Congress. And that may be because voters themselves aren’t less partisan.

“The top-two grafts a nonpartisan system onto an electorate that still relies a lot on parties to make decisions,” McGhee said.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

No matter what, the elite media will always consider Trump a white supremacists



Donald Trump’s disavowal of white supremacists who have cheered his election as president will never be enough for the elite media in America.

Members of the self-declared “alt-right” have exulted over the Nov. 8 results with public cries of “Hail Trump!” and reprises of the Nazi salute. The Ku Klux Klan plans to mark Trump’s victory with a parade next month in North Carolina.

The elite media is quite sure Mr. Trump is behind all of this sort of thing.

Further, Trump has named Stephen Bannon, the conservative media provocateur who shaped the final months of Trump’s campaign, as a White House chief strategist who will work steps from the Oval Office. Bannon’s appointment has become as a flashpoint for both sides.

To the elite media, any “conservative” is also a white supremacists.

Trump was asked about the rash of incidents during a post-election interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Trump said he was “saddened,” and he looked into the camera and said, “Stop it.”

That wasn’t good enough for the elite media.

So it is what it is. What we’re going to hear ad nauseam from the elite media is that Mr. Trump and all of his supporters are racists. Get used to it.

Source: The San Jose Mercury News

Desert and farm, and toxic water


Two Irish American politicians at the peak of their power, JFK and Gov. Pat Brown, came together that day outside Los Banos, “the baths,” to build the nation’s largest off-stream earthen reservoir.

No partnership between Washington, D.C., and Sacramento had ever tackled a project of such monument. By dint of the new reservoir and an aqueduct that sent water from one end of California to the other, the Central Valley Project and the State Water Project forever joined hands.

But the building of the San Luis Reservoir and canal stands out in the annals of western reclamation for a more inglorious reason. The Westlands Water District, 600,000 acres of irrigated agriculture, controlled nearly all the federal water that moved through the new plumbing.

The protectors of the environment, such as they were in the late 1950s, didn’t grumble about the arrangement. The cotton growers on Fresno County’s vast west side, after all, had played an outsized role in getting the federal government to build its share of the San Luis unit.

But there was plenty of reason to suspect that Westlands, drawn in the shape of a whale, entitled to more than 1 million acre-feet of water each year, was a risky investment for the feds.

Half the district boasted some of the finest loam in the world. This was the soil the farmers, congressmen and government bureaucrats loved to talk about. But the other half, nearly 300,000 acres, came with a caveat. It was alkali desert plugged up with clay. Irrigation after irrigation, deadly salts backed up into the root zone. An elaborate drainage system had to be built to remove the polluted water from the land.

Source: The Fresno Bee

Castro may be gone, but let’s not long for the return of Batista

Americas are celebrating, no, let us call it gloating, over the death of Fidel Castro. It’s easy to forget how Castro came to power in the first place. A little history might be in order for the self-righteous in America who long to go back to the days before Cuba’s communist revolution.

Prior to Castro, Cuba was run by Fulgencio Batista. He was the elected President of Cuba from 1940 to 1944, and dictator from 1952 to 1959.

Batista initially rose to power as part of the 1933 Revolt of the Sergeants that overthrew the authoritarian rule of Gerardo Machado. Batista then appointed himself chief of the armed forces, with the rank of colonel, and effectively controlled the five-member Presidency.

He maintained this control through a string of puppet presidents until 1940, when he was himself elected President of Cuba.

After finishing his term he lived in the United States, returning to Cuba to run for president in 1952. Facing certain electoral defeat, he led a military coup that preempted the election.

Again in power, Batista suspended the Constitution and revoked most political liberties, including the right to strike. He then aligned with the wealthiest landowners who owned the largest sugar plantations, and presided over a stagnating economy that widened the gap between rich and poor Cubans.

Batista’s corrupt and repressive government profited from the exploitation of Cuba’s commercial interests, by negotiating lucrative relationships with organized crime in America, who controlled the drug, gambling, and prostitution businesses in Havana.

He did the same with large US-based multinationals who were awarded lucrative contracts.

To quell the growing discontent among the populace Batista established tighter censorship of the media, while also utilizing his police state to carry out wide-scale violence, torture and public executions. It is estimated that Batista was ultimately responsible for killing up to 20,000 people.

Naturally, the Batista government received financial, military, and logistical support from the United States, which turned a blind-eye to Batista’s brutality. American’s bottom-line has always outweighed the liberty of the people of Latin America.

Finally, thanks to the brutality of Batista’s U.S. backed police state, Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement and other nationalist rebelling elements took shape.

These forces led an urban and rural-based guerrilla uprising against Batista’s government, which culminated in his eventual defeat by rebels under the command of Che Guevara at the Battle of Santa Clara on New Year’s Day 1959.

As is typical of American puppet dictators, Batista fled the island with an amassed personal fortune to the Dominican Republic, where strongman and ally Rafael Trujillo held power. He eventually found political asylum in Oliveira Salazar’s Portugal, where he lived until his death on August 6, 1973, near Marbella, Spain.

Batista was a disgusting, U.S. backed dictator, who systematically brutalized the Cuban people for decades. With the 20-20 hindsight that history provides, it is easy to understand Castro’s popularity, and the hatred Cubans have for the corporate interests that run the United States.

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the Castro regime didn’t liberate the Cuban people in the real sense. Rather it was a change from one dictatorial regime to another. If anything, America’s myopic loathing of Communism helped prop-up Castro during decades awful economic times. Another epic failure in American foreign policy.

We hold or breath in anticipation of the next chapter in Cuba’s history. In the euphoria over Castro’s demise, let’s not long to go back to the good old days. They weren’t so good.

San Jose Police Department makes protecting #Islamics a “priority”


The Police State is totally OK with rousting and killing African-Americans, Latinos, the homeless, and the mentally-ill. The pages of CalNews.com are filled with examples of hideous brutality perpetrated by the police.

The San Jose Police Department is no exception.

However, when it comes to the Islamics…the death cult committed to killing people and blowing stuff up, well, that’s an entirely different matter.

The Evergreen Islamic Center on Thanksgiving claims it was the latest target in a string of anti-Muslim attacks that have been reported nationwide since the Nov. 8 election. The Center claims it received a handwritten letter referring to its members as “vile and filthy people.”

Naturally, the Islamics say President-elect Donald Trump is behind all of this.

The letter, a copy of which was shared by the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, also labeled Muslims the “Children of Satan” and warned that President-Elect Donald Trump would do to them “what Hitler did to the Jews.”

Officials at the Evergreen Islamic Center called San Jose police Thursday evening to report the letter, which was signed by “Americans for a Better Way.” The case has been assigned to a unit that investigates “hate-motivated incidents,” said Sgt. Enrique Garcia.

“The investigation of hate-motivated incidents is definitely a department priority,” he said.

Maybe the San Jose Police Department could make upholding the Constitution for the rest of us a “priority” too?

Source: The San Jose Mercury News

At last! Republicans embrace solar power…WTF took them so long?


Sunny California continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installations, but that’s not what’s most surprising about the new numbers from state utility regulators.

Solar’s greatest appeal is not in any tony enclave of wealthy liberals. It’s in suburban, middle-class cities that are mostly Republican strongholds, an analysis of data from Southern California Edison’s service area shows.

The electric utility serves more than 14 million people in central, coastal and Southern California, according to its website.

Corona, Murrieta, Fontana, Temecula and San Bernardino have the most rooftop generating capacity, according to data that privately owned utilities submitted to state regulators.

Other rooftop hot spots are in the desert cities of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. These include Lancaster, Apple Valley, Victorville, Palms Springs and Palm Desert.

The appeal of investing in a home solar system is not so much environmental as it is economic.

At last! Republicans embrace solar power…WTF took them so long?

Source: The San Bernardino Sun

San Francisco “toilet police” are furious with commercial property owners


The toilet police in San Francisco are furious! And now they’re working overtime.

They say at least a third of San Francisco’s commercial properties risk running afoul of city law requiring water-efficient toilets and faucets by the end of the year.

A 2009 conservation ordinance, which established some of the state’s most aggressive building codes, and apparently established the toilet police, even before California’s historic drought began, would leave thousands of property owners on the hook for monthly fines if they don’t swap out their old plumbing fixtures soon.

City officials estimate that 30 percent of San Francisco’s 160,000 commercial toilets do not meet efficiency standards that go into effect Jan. 1 — a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. About 86 percent of urinals and 20 percent of showerheads fall short.

The ordinance also requires water-efficient faucets, but the toilet police don’t have estimates on how many may be subpar.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

British join with America to crush liberty


After a year of debate, the Investigatory Powers Bill was approved by Parliament last week and is expected to be ratified into law by the end of the year.

The bill includes measures that will force Internet and phone companies to keep a record of the complete Web browsing history of British citizens for up to 12 months, in case they need to be accessed by government agencies.

It also allows the government to obtain “bulk personal data sets,” even if most of the individuals are not suspected of any wrongdoing.

Police State officials argue that the surveillance powers are necessary to keep Britain safe during a time of heightened security, terrorist attacks and cyberwarfare. Observers also say the act legalizes tactics law enforcement and security agencies have used for years without full disclosure to the public.

On the other hand, normal people, who comprehend the definition of liberty say that the bill not only turned all those existing surveillance measures into law, but extended them even further.

“It’s unprecedented in the UK, and any democracy,” said Pam Cowburn, communications director at the privacy campaign organization Open Rights Group.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Mosul will remain a cesspool no matter who wins

Mosul is a cesspool.

Previous attempts to pacify the city, once one of Iraq’s largest and most diverse, devolved into ethnic and sectarian infighting that made fertile ground for the militants to stage a comeback.

“We have made this same mistake at least twice in Iraq,” said Kenneth M. Pollack, a Middle East specialist at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. “We don’t prepare adequately for the political context, and the result, as I warned in 2002, is chaos, warlordism and civil war.”

No kidding. Apparently everyone on the planet outside of Washington DC understands this. Since we’re the only media outlet that will say it, let us repeat one more time: the #Islamics are the problem.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Reality slaps #SaudiArabia in the face as oil prices continue to flounder


Feckless Saudi Arabia pulled out of planned talks with non-OPEC nations including Russia as disagreements about how to share the burden of supply cuts stood in the way of a deal to boost prices just days before a make-or-break meeting in Vienna.

Saudi Arabia depends on oil revenue to maintain its Police State and export Islamic terrorism around the world.

OPEC officials were scheduled to meet with non-members including Russia on Monday before a ministerial meeting in Vienna two days later. Instead, the group called another internal meeting to try to resolve its own differences, particularly the question of whether Iran and Iraq are willing to cut production.

Source: Bloomberg

U.S. ‘fake news’ monopoly threatened by Russian ‘fake news’


If the Washington Post is admitting they’ve become irrelevent, even redundant, then we have to say for once we agree with them.

According to the official news arm of the 1%ers, the flood of “fake news” this election season got support from a sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign that created and spread misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy.


Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda machinery — including thousands of botnets, teams of paid human “trolls,” and networks of websites and social-media accounts — echoed and amplified right-wing sites across the Internet as they portrayed Clinton as a criminal hiding potentially fatal health problems and preparing to hand control of the nation to a shadowy cabal of global financiers. The effort also sought to heighten the appearance of international tensions and promote fear of looming hostilities with nuclear-armed Russia.

Uh hum. Please, do go on.

Two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House.

Yes, certainly “independent”. Right.

By “insurgent candidate” you mean the GOP nominee? And by “a wide range of grievances” you mean the millions of pissed off Americans who have been getting screwed for the last two decades by the 1%ers your newspaper pimps for every day?

Nice try.

Source: The Washington Post

#NotMyPresident? Well, yeah, @realDonaldTrump actually really is


Nice try.

Some Leftist 1%er elitist racist whack-jobs who really, really, really don’t want Donald Trump to be president are pinning their hopes on a long-shot effort to prevent him from officially winning the election.

Trump won the presidential race with 290 electoral votes, and maybe 306 if Michigan is called for him, as expected.

These Leftist 1%er elitist racist whack-job Trump haters are trying to persuade electors to be “faithless,” meaning they wouldn’t back Trump even if he won their states.

A Change.org petition calling the president-elect a “danger to the Republic” has almost 4.6 million supporters.

Faithless electors have never changed the outcome of a presidential race. Ever.

So actually Leftist 1%er elitist racist whack-jobs, Donald Trump IS your president.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Rat congressman faces criminal charges


Six years after being sworn in as a congressman from Illinois’ 18th District in 2009, Aaron Schock resigned amid a federal and state criminal probe into how he spent campaign dollars and his $1-million-plus annual office budget.

Now, Schock, 35, faces a 24-count federal indictment handed down this month by a Springfield, Ill., grand jury that accuses him of pilfering his campaign accounts and his House allowance for personal expenses that included travel, a flight aboard a private plane to watch the Chicago Bears and even rent payments.

An Illinois designer was paid for the work, but one of Schock’s aides tried to cover up her compensation. Within days, the press began digging into Schock’s far-flung trips, reliance on private aircraft and practice of overbilling the government for auto mileage.

Schock was indicted for crimes including theft of government funds, fraud, making false statements and filing false tax returns.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

The bleating about California’s cap-and-trade program continues


California’s once-heralded cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases has been beleaguered for most of the past year. During the last two auctions, companies held off buying more than half of the available credits.

The program took a turn for the better Tuesday, when state officials reported results of the Nov. 15 auction. Companies bought more than 88 percent of this year’s available permits.

The California Chamber of Commerce lawsuit continues to dog the program. The Chamber says the system is an illegal tax. The Chamber is basically pimping for rich corporations who don’t want to pay. At the end of the day, they could care less about the people of California, or the environment.

Leftists are calling for higher permit prices to bring in more money for the state to use on “important” global warming prevention projects. That’s a laugh. most of these “important” projects are scams to line the pockets of environmental groups.

Higher prices for permits would also “encourage” companies to continue reducing their pollution impacts. In reality, higher prices for permits will “encourage” more companies to leave the state and take their jobs with them.

Nice try California.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

1%ers in California want drivers to pay more to fix roads


The 1%ers who run the Legislature are trying to figure out the best way to get motorists to cough-up the dollars they want to fill all the potholes.

Gov. Jerry Brown and top legislators are officially giving up on a transportation fix-it plan for the two-year session of the Legislature that runs out next week.

They called off a special session to deal with the costly topic, with no consensus in sight and the clock ticking down.

None of the top players can agree on a tax plan to pay for over $100 billion in estimated road and transit work.

The next crop of state Assembly and Senate members may yield a two-thirds Democratic majority, enough to override tax-averse Republicans needed this session to craft a deal.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

WikiLeaks busts #Hillary on #Yemen war

cyg11yoxeaar7egHillary Clinton is all about the business of war. Hey look, it pays good.

Now you can read all about it in the WikiLeaks’ “The Yemen Files.”

The files are a collection of over 500 documents from the United States embassy in Sana’a, Yemen. Comprising of over 200 emails and 300 PDFs, the collection details official documents and correspondence pertaining to the Office for Military Cooperation (OMC) located at the US embassy.

The collection spans the period from 2009 until just before the war in Yemen broke out in earnest during March 2015. This time covers both Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (2009-2013) and the first two years of Secretary John Kerry.

Although the United States government has provided most of the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself reportage on the war in the U.S. media is conspicuously rare.

Yemen is of significant strategic interest as Yemen controls a narrow choke point to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal through which 11% of the world’s petroleum passes each day.

In addition Yemen borders Saudi Arabia (to the north) and Oman (to the east) and has access to the Arabian Sea through which another 20% of the world’s petroleum passes from the Strait of Homuz (including the oil of Saudi Arabia and Iran).

Saudi Arabia seeks to control a port in Yemen to avoid the potential constriction of its oil shipments by Iran along the Straight of Homuz or by countries which can control its other oil shipment path along the Red Sea.

Like we said, it’s all about the money for Hillary and her Islamic pals.

The Yemen Files offer documentary evidence of the US arming, training and funding of Yemeni forces in the years building up to the war.

Source: WikiLeaks

It looks like Facebook is about partner with the world’s biggest #PoliceState


CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made no secret of his desire to get the giant social network unblocked in the world’s most populous nation.

He has traveled to China repeatedly, meeting with the country’s propaganda chief during a visit earlier this year.

And now his company has apparently developed software that stops posts from appearing in users’ news feeds in specific geographic regions, a move specifically aimed at helping the company get into China.

A Facebook spokeswoman did not deny the report.

The report comes at a sensitive time for Facebook. Zuckerberg insists he does not want to play the role of an editor, yet he recently announced plans to help prevent what the elite media calls “fake news” from being shared on Facebook just days after playing down the problem.

Normal people call this censorship.

Facebook would probably have to give China access to its servers to be allowed in the country.  Facebook would also have to comply with China’s tough legal requirements for handing over user information to authorities.

We expect Zuckerberg will be OK with that. He want’s the money. And if the Chinese execute a few people simply because they try to exercise free speech on Facebook, well hey, that’s business.

Source: CNN

Report: The #SDPD Targets African-Americans and Latinos


As if we didn’t know this already.

Police officers in San Diego are more likely to search African-Americans and Latinos drivers, according to an independent study released by researchers at San Diego State University (SDSU).

The 142-page study looked at nearly 260,000 traffic stops in 2014 and 2015.

African-American, Hispanic and Asian Pacific Islander drivers were also subjected to more field interviews.

The findings come at a time when tension between minority communities and police run high across the nation, including San Diego.

Despite the obvious racism, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman released the following statement on Wednesday night:

“I am proud of our department personnel who come to work each day with the desire to make a positive difference. We enjoy a tremendous partnership with our community and that is why we are one of the safest big cities in the United States. We want every citizen to feel safe in their community, feel valued in their opinion, and feel listened to by their police department. We will use these recommendations to strengthen, enhance, and foster new relationships with our community we so proudly serve.”

We’re guessing the African-Americans and Latinos routinely rousted by the San Diego Police Department would disagree.

Source: NBC 7 San Diego

Homeless man takes on the #PoliceState, builds compound in Los Angeles


Ceola Waddell Jr. has what may be the most eye-popping digs of any homeless man in Los Angeles.

A video tour of his living room sofa and love seat, porcelain toilet and zebra-skin slipcovers has been viewed 1.4 million times on Facebook. His fans make pilgrimages to the tent-lined strip beneath the 110 Freeway near the Coliseum — he calls it “Paradise Lane” — to chortle and take selfies.

His quarters are so spacious that another homeless man is paying him $25 a week to rent a tent, sandwiched between the “guest room” and a third mattress and headboard. Waddell, who also goes by Mr. Dice, calls it his “Airbnb.”

But what delights Waddell’s followers does not sit well with the city, whose sanitation crews have twice dismantled and carted off his handiwork.

Two days later, Waddell had scavenged neighborhood castoffs and rebuilt most of the setup, with flourishes that include ceramic planters with paper orchids, a surfboard and a hot dog stand.

“I refuse to let the city beat me down to what they think a homeless person’s profile is, living on cardboard,” said Waddell, 59. “This should be a landmark.”

We like Mr. Waddell.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

More African-American officers resign from #racist #SFPOA


Two more black San Francisco police officers have resigned from San Francisco’s powerful police union, claiming the organization has failed to serve its minority members and continues to be a roadblock to reform and rebuilding trust with the community.

The overtly racist San Francisco Police Officers’ Association has long been a vocal and divisive presence in city politics.

Nate Ballard, a representative of the union, said the organization had “no comment.” Of course not.

CaptureThis week’s resignations include Bayview Station Officer Monty Singleton, and Joanne Walker, who is an officer at Park Station.

Singleton told the Examiner that he resigned for several reasons. The first reason was the union’s continued link to former head Gary Delagnes, who in May called SFPD sergeants “snitches” for reporting misconduct within the rank and file.

The second blow came when the union decided to chastise Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the 49ers, for taking a knee during the National Anthem, said Singleton.

These two acts were compounded by leadership that has an “unsavory fog clouding the road signs between right, wrong and personal opinion,” said Singleton.

“This combined with their apparent unwillingness to accept the hint of consideration for some internal improvements clearly represents an impasse in my willingness to actively be part of the POA organization at this time.”

Walker said she too had resigned but did not comment further.

While not a member of the union since he is in department management, Deputy Chief Mikail Ali — the only department brass who is black aside from Acting Chief Toney Chaplin — said the union has not historically had a diverse leadership.

“Historically we have seen a lack of diversity in the leadership of the POA,” Ali told the San Francisco Examiner. “

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco’s purge of the Progressives continues


Ahsha Safai has won the supervisorial seat representing San Francisco’s southernmost neighborhoods, a victory that returns the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors to moderates and gives Mayor Ed Lee a significant boost as he enters his final three years in office.

Progressives gained a 6-5 majority last year when Supervisor Aaron Peskin won back his former seat against an incumbent whom Lee had appointed to the board.

Safai’s victory in the race to replace termed-out Supervisor John Avalos will once again give moderates the majority — and Lee an edge in forming policy on such issues as homelessness and housing development.

Relations between the board and Lee hit a low this fall as the progressives put four measures on the ballot that would have taken away power from the mayor. Voters defeated all four.

The new board will soon make a decision that could influence development for years to come. Good news for the city’s 1%ers who bankroll Mayor Lee and his crew.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

Bad news for Mayor Garcetti, Trump wants to help him


President-elect Donald Trump expressed his support for Los Angeles’ 2024 Olympic bid during a phone call with Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday, Garcetti’s office said in a statement.

Ooops, how can Dems in L.A. hate Trump if he’s helping them?

Garcetti spokeswoman Connie Llanos said Trump spoke on the phone with the mayor in their first exchange since the Nov. 8 election.

Besides talking about the Olympic bid, Llanos said the pair “had a productive conversation about ways to expand infrastructure investments and opportunities in communities across America.”

Damn, more help from Trump! WTF is the mayor going to do now?

The phone call came as the country’s big-city mayors, mostly representing heavily Democratic cities, are reaching out to Trump.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Poop dumped in San Francisco Assessor-Recorder’s office


A new form of civil disobedience perhaps? Pretty gross.

An investigation is underway into who broke into the San Francisco Office of the Assessor-Recorder at City Hall and spread poop and other nasty stuff all over the place, necessitating a massive and rigorous cleanup that’s been ongoing since the incident was discovered Nov. 7.

That includes shampooing of carpets, sending out upholstered chairs for special treatment, vacuuming up of debris, cleaning water dispensers and “sanitizing all marble floors and staircases.”

Several emails sent by Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu and obtained by the San Francisco Examiner provided details into the incident and described a shaken staff.

Since no city officials are providing further details, it remains unclear how someone gained access over the weekend to the department, which is located on the first floor of City Hall.

Source: The San Francisco Examiner

To counter Trump, L.A. moves to protect immigrant street vendors


After President-elect Donald J. Trump threatened to deport millions of undocumented immigrants with criminal records, city officials have once again proposed new rules that would regulate and remove the crime from curbside sales. They say many vendors lack legal papers.

If L.A. won’t ban food trucks, they ask, why is it trying to ban sidewalk sales along 10,750 miles of sidewalks within 469 square miles?

If approved, a new Los Angeles sidewalk vending policy would immediately lift the crime of street sales.

Supporters say a new policy would support entrepreneurs, legitimize current businesses, boost economic development, increase public safety and add tax money to city coffers.

Source: The Los Angeles Daily News

Obama, not Trump, is the real immigrant hater


If Donald Trump’s immigration record is anything like President Barack Obama’s in terms of what politicians will say in order to get elected versus what they actually do once in power, then Trump could turn out pretty good.

The prevailing myth is that Obama is the president who dismantled immigration enforcement. But to immigrants in the U.S. he is the “deporter in chief,” who separated thousands of families, held children in jail-like family detention centers and deported more immigrants than any other president before him.

During Obama’s years in office, the number of Border Patrol agents surpassed 20,000 for the first time. Nearly 700 miles of border fencing were completed.

Under Obama’s regime, immigration enforcement spending rose to new highs.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

California keeps the Death Penalty – just like China, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia


The example of Nebraska is particularly revealing.

A referendum just restored the death penalty there, but only after the Republican Legislature voted to abolish it and a super-majority voted to preserve that abolition over the governor’s veto. In this reddest of red states, the legislature moved strongly against the death penalty after deep engagement in hearings with issues such as public safety, budgetary concerns, wrongful convictions and the appropriateness of state killing.

The death penalty is not a necessary tool to prevent crime, as many law enforcement officials acknowledge.

There is no reliable evidence that the death penalty helps to deter murder.

Nor is the death penalty the only just response to the most heinous crimes, as its elimination in most democratic states attests.

The states that are most committed to retaining the death penalty, such as China, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, are those least committed to justice in the form of fundamental human rights.

Against its minimal benefits, the death penalty imposes staggering costs, financial and otherwise. In particular, those who directly encounter the death penalty fear the risk of executing the innocent and imposing the death penalty not on the “worst of the worst” but on the basis of race and other illegitimate factors.

Source: The Los Angeles Times