Chinese immigrants rush to buy guns – they know what a #PoliceState looks like

Private gun ownership is generally banned in China. So when Chinese immigrants arrive in the U.S., many are curious about owning firearms.

In Los Angeles, Chinese immigrants frequent Gun Effects, a firearms store housed in a City of Industry strip mall.

California politicians continue their brutal crack-down on the 2nd Amendment.

On a recent weekday, a line formed at a bilingual English and Chinese sign-in sheet. A few customers puzzled over a Chinese translation of the handgun test beneath an empty wall where the store once displayed assault weapons — all of which were snapped up before California’s tough new gun control measures take effect Jan. 1.

Across the state, sales have surged for semiautomatic rifles with bullet buttons, devices that allow for quick switching of ammunition cartridges and are banned under new law. Overall firearms sales increased by 40% over last year, according to the state Department of Justice.

In November, voters also approved Proposition 63, which outlaws the possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds, expands background checks for those buying bullets and makes it a crime to fail to report a lost or stolen gun.

At Gun Effects, Chinese buyers have shown up in droves to buy the store’s stock of soon-to-be restricted firearms.

Read the whole chilling story in the LA Times


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