Labor’s challenge from a Trump administration

What’s at risk? Among other things, the board’s recent “quickie” election rule, which speeds up the calendar for union-recognition campaigns and reduces companies’ ability to fight off the efforts through compulsory meetings and other heavy-handed tactics, including cynical use of legal challenges to delay the process. The NLRB has also been moving to make franchising corporations such as McDonald’s share responsibility for the treatment of workers by franchisees, an effort that seems likely to fade away with a quantum shift in outlook under a Trump NLRB.

But the biggest threat could be to unions themselves. For years, anti-union activists have pushed “right to work” laws — barring compulsory payment of union dues to cover the costs of bargaining and maintaining contracts — at state levels with varying degrees of success. But there’s also a movement at the federal level, which could get enough support within Congress and the Trump administration to pass.

That wouldn’t be a death knell for unions, but it would certainly make an already difficult situation even worse.

Read the entire opinion piece in the LA Times


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