Urban killings: The #BayArea is starting to look like #Chicago


Mirroring a national trend, killings in the Bay Area’s biggest cities ticked up in 2016 for the second year in a row.

The region’s 15 biggest cities recorded 277 killings last year, up from 242 in 2015 and 222 in 2014.

There are plenty of signs of trouble, especially in San Jose. San Jose reported 32 killings in 2014 and 30 in 2015, but bounced up to 47 last year.

Many cities experienced increases in homicides last year. San Francisco counted 58 in 2016, while Oakland reported 85 homicides last year.

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#Iraq simply can’t understand why Americans don’t want their #terrorists here


At Café Baghdad, a gathering spot in Beirut for many Iraqis and Syrians who fled violence in their countries, the conversation Monday was of little but the U.S. travel ban.

President Trump’s executive order — which blocks travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries — has caused anger and resentment across the Muslim world, but nobody has felt it so sharply as Iraqis.

In their nation’s ongoing fantasy, their army has fought side-by-side with the Americans in the war against Islamist extremism. In reality we do most of the fighting while they hide, or worse, collaborate with the terrorists.

“Iraq is on the front line of the war on terrorism,” the parliament’s foreign committee said in a statement Monday. “It is unfair that the Iraqis are treated in this way.”

In reality, Iraq, a country out of control, is synonymous with terrorism.

In comments directed at the Trump administration, Muqtada Sadr, a powerful Shiite cleric and political leader, said on his website, “It would be arrogance for you to enter freely Iraq and other countries while barring to them the entrance to your country … and therefore you should get your nationals out.”

True. We should keep our people home. Let the Iraqis figure out how to sort out the mess they helped create.

Trump’s executive order, which blocks entry of all Iraqi citizens for 90 days, also includes Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It also keeps out all refugees for 120 days and Syrian refugees indefinitely. Trump said it was aimed at keeping terrorists out of the country while giving the government time to strengthen its vetting procedures.

A smart move.

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Campaign funds allow #DuncanHunter to party on someone else’s dime

Duncan Hunter loves to party on someone else’s dime…that’s for sure.

Among tens of thousands of dollars that Rep. Duncan Hunter paid back to his campaign treasury in November were two unexplained charges to Feis Productions, totaling $230.

The charges had originally been reported as event entertainment. It turns out Feis Productions services registrations for Irish dance festivals where Hunter’s daughters compete.

“Any charges processed by Feis Productions would not and could not be be for anything related to a political campaign,” said Jim Gilmartin of Feis.

Hunter, R-Alpine, also spent campaign funds at hotels during dance competitions — one in Los Angeles, one in Orange County and one at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix.

Only the Arizona resort charges and California registrations have been reimbursed to the campaign since Hunter set out to make good on $65,000 worth of personal, mistaken or undocumented charges that he had covered with campaign money.

The dance competitions illustrate two aspects of the ongoing Hunter imbroglio, as a report by the Office of Congressional Ethics nears release.

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State gambling commissioner quits; uses loophole in the law to open gaming consulting business

What a scam.

A former state gambling commissioner who retired in December after six years regulating California’s gaming industry opened a gaming consulting business four days after her term ended, a scenario that has echoes of a 2014 scandal that roiled the commission.

The former commissioner, Tiffany Conklin, said she won’t have contact with her former colleagues at the California Gambling Control Commission. State law bans such contact for three years after workers leave the agency.

Yet her move to the private sector as a consultant to the same industry she spent six years overseeing as a state regulator was criticized by Cheryl Schmit, head of the gambling watchdog group Stand Up California.

State law prohibits lobbying agencies where a former employee worked for a year. Gambling regulators face a stricter three-year ban on appearing before the commission or communicating with staff “to influence an administrative action or any action or proceeding involving a license or approval.”

There is no bar on former officials starting consulting businesses, said Gary Winuk, former enforcement chief for the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

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Despite #SiliconValley’s big talk, most will side with #Trump to get the money


The Great Wall of Trump will enrich many of his friends in the construction industry. But it will also pay off big for some tech companies. Like establishment Democrats, Silicon Valley leaders have been frantically consulting their consciences (and accounting ledgers) in recent days, as they try to determine their policy toward Trump.

A number of tech CEOs, whose business depends on the international flow of commerce and engineering talent, spoke out against the Muslim ban over the weekend, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin, a Russian immigrant, who joined the protesters at SFO on Saturday. But meanwhile, according to the New York Times, Google has been working hard to build bridges to the new administration, throwing a Champagne and bourbon cocktail party for Republican lawmakers in D.C. earlier this month.

No tech titan has gone through more contortions as he cuddles up to Trump, while trying to appease outraged employees and customers, than Uber CEO Travis Karalnick. In an unfortunately timed email to the Uber workforce last week, titled with no apparent irony “Standing up for what’s right,” Karalnick defended his decision to serve as a Trump economic adviser, arguing that he could be a force for good within the president’s inner sanctum.

Many Americans already think that the Democratic Party —and the corporate elites that took control of it — sold them out. Of course, they are right.

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While Democrats freak-out over #Trump, #GOPers all over America like what they see


Many of the dominant images from President Trump’s first 10 days in office make it look as if the country is turning on him. The millions who protested him at women’s marches across the country. The thousands who jammed airports over the weekend to support immigrants and refugees hurt by his travel ban.

Nevertheless, it’s unlikely any of this early backlash will mean much to the swing-state voters who sent Trump to the White House to deliver a message that the political system wasn’t working for them.

Trump secured an upset victory in Pennsylvania by winning over longtime Democratic voters in the steel and coal country of western Pennsylvania after he promised to bring back those jobs without ever offering a plan as to how he would do it.

Same goes for Wisconsin, another state in the alleged “blue wall” of longtime Democratic-leaning states that were supposedly going to hold the line and enable Hillary Clinton to eke out an electoral college win. Instead, Trump won the state by roughly 22,000 votes of nearly 3 million cast.

Swing-state voters will stick with Trump until they start getting hit in the pocketbook, analysts said. If the manufacturing jobs he promised don’t materialize, or the improved — and less expensive — health insurance system he promised doesn’t help them, then Trump might face political blowback. Until that happens, he’s good.

To GOP voters everywhere, including California, Trump gave the impression that he was moving quickly in his first week by signing several high-profile executive orders.

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California business is the Legislature’s main target again this session


The onset of a new legislative session means renewal of the perpetual war that pits business and employer interests against liberal groups such as labor unions and environmental activists.

The Legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic and mostly liberal, so – not surprisingly – the unions, environmentalists and others, such as consumer advocates and personal injury lawyers play offense while the business groups are on defense.

The former sponsor hundreds of bills to advance their causes, such as better pay and fringe benefits for workers, more regulation of business activities, or making it easier to sue and collect damages.

Lobbyists for the latter devise strategies to either kill bills that business finds offensive or at least force changes to make them more palatable.

The combatants also fight it out in a handful of key legislative elections, in recent years via the “top-two” primary system that can pit liberal Democrats against more moderate, business-backed Democrats.

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California Senate Slams #Trump Travel Ban, #Racist #CaGOPers Love It


California politicians faced off over President Donald Trump’s travel order Monday, as the state Senate passed a resolution denouncing it as “discriminatory overreach” and the state Republican Party chairman said they were engaging in “hypocritical political posturing.”

State Senate leader Kevin de León announced a resolution condemning the order that stopped travel from a handful of Muslim-majority countries and urging the federal Department of Homeland Security to provide detainees access to lawyers. The Senate voted 26-11 to approve it following weekend-long demonstrations against the ban at U.S. airports.

capture1Republicans, who despise immigrants, spoke in support of the president and described the order as a boon to national security.

California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte, however, noted Democratic lawmakers weren’t so vocal when Barack Obama’s administration deported more than 2.5 million immigrants and, in response to a threat in 2011, instituted a six-month slowdown on visas for Iraqi refugees.

Brulte failed to mention is was his leadership in the Legislature along with Governor Pete Wilson who helped successfully passed Prop 187, the race based precursor to the Bush-Obama doctrine of interning then expelling immigrants.

Furthermore, Prop. 187 was a major factor in the development of the current Police State culture that makes the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color the enemy, and targets of brutal police thugs.

To think that the Republicans have any regard for the poorest in our society is laughable.

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#GOP losers continue to bleat like sheep as #Trump leaves them behind


For nearly 25 years, Charlie Sykes was one of the most powerful and influential voices in Wisconsin.

He cheer-led policies that turned this historically progressive state into a model of conservative governance. He made and destroyed political careers, using his perch on Milwaukee talk radio to help vault figures such as House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker to national prominence.

But for the moment Sykes was speechless. He sank into the brown leather banquette of a suburban steakhouse. He stammered. He sighed.

“When you’ve devoted your whole life to certain beliefs and you think now they have been undermined and that you might have been deluded about things,” he began. “So. So. Um…”

In 2016 Sykes emerged as one of Donald Trump’s most prominent critics, a stance that outraged listeners, strained longstanding friendships and left him questioning much of what he once held true.

What it means to be a conservative. The role of race in politics. The wisdom of voters.

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Steve Wynn named new RNC finance chair


Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn will be the new Republican National Committee finance chairman.

Wynn, a real estate developer whose financial empire has included the Mirage and Bellagio resort hotels on the Las Vegas strip, accepted the job after being asked directly by President Trump.

He was the finance vice chairman of Trump’s inaugural committee that reportedly raised roughly $90 million.

Wynn also stopped selling Tom Ford’s cosmetics and sunglasses last month in his Wynn Las Vegas hotel after the designer said he wouldn’t design clothes for incoming first lady Melania Trump to wear.

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New #SFPD chief crushed L.A. taxpayers before leaving


There’s one big upside to being an outsider taking over a police department — you get to keep the pension from your last job.

And in the case of new San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, it’s quite a boost.

As chief, Scott will earn about $316,000 a year. Add in the roughly $152,000 annual pension he’s due to collect from the Los Angeles Police Department, where he worked for 27 years, and he’ll be pulling down a total of $468,000 a year.

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While Leftists protest in America, the #Islamics are killing our GI’s

captureWhile Leftists in America flooded the streets to make America safe for ISIS, a U.S. Special Operations member died of injuries suffered during a weekend raid against al-Qaida militants in Yemen.

Three other American troops, members of a Navy SEAL unit, were wounded in the operation against members of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

The militant organization has remained a potent threat amid an extended civil war in Yemen.

The ground operation, which had been planned for months, was authorized by President Trump, according to U.S. officials familiar with the mission.

Trump has pledged to wage a more aggressive campaign against militant groups worldwide.

According to a statement from U.S. Central Command (Centcom), 14 militants were killed during the operation.The raid, which took place in a remote desert area of Yemen’s Shabwa governorate, aimed to obtain intelligence information, including computer material, that was thought to be linked to planning for external attacks.

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#JohnMcCain, #LindesyGraham OK with #Islamics flooding into #America

Seriously? To these guys, San Bernardino and Orlando lever happened.

U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona released a statement Sunday trashing President Trump.

Siding with Democrats, the senators said that confusion at U.S. airports shows that President Trump’s executive order on immigration “was not properly vetted.”

“Such a hasty process risks harmful results,” the Republicans’ statement read. “We should not stop green-card holders from returning to the country they call home. We should not stop those who have served as interpreters for our military and diplomats from seeking refuge in the country they risked their lives to help. And we should not turn our backs on those refugees who have been shown through extensive vetting to pose no demonstrable threat to our nation.”

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Has California already bungled Prop. 64’s implementation?


California’s voters legalized recreational marijuana in the November elections, and the expectation is that the state will spend most of 2017 developing business regulations and begin distributing licenses by the start of 2018.

Not everyone is convinced the state will meet those deadlines.

“We’re building the airplane while it’s being flown,” said state Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg. “I believe some departments will be fully operational by January 2018 but, if we’re being honest, it’s going to be difficult to get everything done by then.”

McGuire’s district encompasses some of the largest marijuana-growing regions in the country. He was opposed to Proposition 64, in part out of his concern over the initiative’s compressed timeline for marijuana regulations.

“Creating a safe and effective market for legal cannabis is more than just licensing businesses,” McGuire said. “This is one of California’s largest agricultural crops and it’s the only one that’s not regulated.”

McGuire’s concerns are understandable.

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Tech companies side with #ISIS


Tech companies forcefully condemned President Trump’s order that suspended refugee entry to the U.S. for 120 days and banned all citizens from seven majority-Muslim nations for 90 days.

Here’s a list of who is helping ISIS:
















Y Combinator

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Celebrities you’ve never heard of side with #ISIS

President Trump’s decision to ban immigrants from seven countries has mobilized protesters across the country who disagreed with the action.

A number of celebrities, that is, people you’ve probably never heard of, took to Twitter to express their outrage at the ban.

Some reacted with shame, others condemned Trump’s actions, and some shared personal stories.

Actor Kal Penn posted a screenshot of a message sent to him via Twitter, where one person wrote, “… you don’t belong in this country you f—ing joke.”

WTF? who is Kal Penn?

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Few are happy with Gov. Brown’s school financing plan

captureFundamentally, therefore, governors and legislators decide how much money they can afford, or are willing to spend, for schools each year and then massage Proposition 98’s provisions (which have undergone two major revisions) to fit those decisions.

In recent years, with an expanding economy producing a bumper crop of revenue, schools have benefited handsomely. Per-pupil spending is up 50 percent over the last half-decade.

However, revenue growth has slowed, and in his 2017-18 budget, Gov. Jerry Brown takes an ultra-cautious approach that’s putting the squeeze on schools.

His budget claims an $800-plus million “overpayment” to schools over the previous two fiscal years as revenue fell short and proposes to recapture the money by reducing the 2017-18 figure, leaving schools with a barely $1 billion increase, tiny in relative terms.

Ordinarily, that wouldn’t cause a major stir, but school officials are bridling at the “overpayment” characterization, pointing out that Proposition 98 was supposed to be a financing floor, not a ceiling.

They’re also feeling the heavy impact of a new plan to shore up financing for teacher pensions, which could cost districts $700 million more next year.

While overall school financing might still increase by a minuscule amount, therefore, many individual districts could see new revenue fall short of new mandatory expenses and be forced to make cuts.

Another factor comes into play – uncertainty over whether Brown’s revenue numbers are too conservative.

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Texans burn down mosques


An early-morning fire Saturday destroyed a Texas mosque.

A clerk at a convenience store spotted smoke and flames billowing from the Islamic Center of Victoria at around 2 a.m. and called the fire department.

Victoria Fire Marshal Tom Legler asked for help from the Texas Fire Marshal’s Office and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to determine what caused the blaze.

No injuries were reported. It took about four hours to extinguish the blaze.

On Jan. 7, a mosque under construction near Lake Travis in Austin was burned to the ground.

In December, a man was sentenced to four years in prison for setting fire to a Houston mosque.

Read the whole story and watch the video on ABC13.com

Canadians shoot up mosque in Quebec City


Five people were killed in a shooting at a Quebec City mosque. Authorities reported two arrests.

Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center President Mohamed Yangui confirmed the number of dead late Sunday in a telephone call from the provincial capital.

Yangui said the shooting happened in the men’s section of the mosque.

Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard characterized the attack as a terrorist act, which came amid heightened tensions worldwide over President Trump’s travel ban on certain Muslim countries.

Quebec City police spokesman Constable Pierre Poirier said two suspects were arrested. Police said the mosque had been evacuated and things were under control.

Francois Deschamps, an organizer of a refugee-support group in Quebec City, said the motive was unknown, but right-wing groups are very organized in Quebec City and distribute fliers at the university and plaster stickers around town.

Deschamps said he has personally received death threats after starting a refugee support group on Facebook and people have posted his address online.

“I’m not very surprised about the event,” Deschamps said.

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#XavierBecerra sides with #ISIS

captureCalifornia Attorney General Xavier Becerra and counterparts from across the country on Sunday sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” order blocking immigration from the Middle East, denouncing the action that set off mass weekend protests as “in so many ways unjust and anti-American.”

Trump, delivering on a campaign pledge that many of his fellow Republicans rejected at the time, moved Friday to freeze refugee admissions and bar entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

No doubt ISIS appreciates the support.

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If you’re #poor, expect contaminated water in California


If you’re poor, homeless, mentally ill, or a person of color, you can expect little help from the 1%ers who run California.

For years, Rebecca Quintana had been a highly visible activist in the fight for safe drinking water, speaking regularly with reporters, rallying residents and helping to spark an unprecedented United Nations inspection in northern Tulare County.

But, strolling past the town’s old contaminated well now, she talks about her more personal battle. Her 34-year-old daughter, Regina Lujan, died in 2015 from cancer. Pregnant with her second son, Lujan had asked a haunting question about her stage 4 breast cancer.

Did the contamination nightmare in Seville cause it?

Quintana had simply told her daughter that the illness was a mystery, saying there was no history of breast cancer in her family.

Lujan hadn’t grown up in Seville, but she spent summers there at her grandparents’ home where Quintana had been raised. Lujan drank the tap water in Seville each summer and during many visits.

Quintana, 60, is raising Lujan’s younger son in nearby Visalia, maintaining her Seville residence – the home her parents built – and still wrestling with her daughter’s question. Quintana knew there was no way to directly link the breast cancer to the nitrate-laced drinking water.

“But you still can’t help wondering if there was a connection,” Quintana says. “We’ve had so much trouble with drinking water. It’s hard to live with that.”

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Great News! Bill would stop the state from suspending driver’s license over unpaid fines


When Aaron Cutchon was laid off from his job at an auto body shop, he could no longer afford to pay for two traffic tickets he got for driving in a carpool lane.

His license was suspended, and he had to stop attending classes at a Napa junior college where he was working toward an associate’s degree.

New legislation in California supported by Gov. Jerry Brown would eliminate such a dilemma by forbidding courts from taking licenses from people just because they can’t pay their fines.

State Sen. Robert Hertzberg introduced a bill this week that would ban the practice. Brown and Hertzberg say the current policy disproportionately targets low-income Californians and can send people into a cycle of job losses and more poverty.

“What we’ve learned is it ruins people’s lives,” said Hertzberg, a Democrat from Van Nuys. “The privilege of driving should not be connected with the size of your wallet.”

Well done Senator.

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‘Hate Map’ omits #Islamics

captureYou won’t find the Islamics on this map. Apparently terrorists who kill people and blow stuff up didn’t make the cut.

However thirty Southern California organizations are listed on the latest edition of the Hate Map, an annual product of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The 2015 Hate Map (a new one is due next month) lists 892 groups nationally, including 68 in California, making our state No. 2, behind Texas, which tops the list with 84 hate groups. Nearly half of the California groups are based in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties.

Some groups aren’t, technically, groups; instead, they are entities that have just one member. Others are bigger, with hundreds of members and budgets that run into many millions of dollars.

While the current Hate Map shows that parts of Texas and Florida are crowded with such groups, Southern California has a gamut of entities that are deemed hateful – white supremacists, black separatists, groups that deny or minimize the Holocaust, and those that are perceived as against Muslims or Islam, immigrants or the LGBT community.

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#LAPD Chief Beck lays out the welcome mat for #ISIS


Great news if your an ISIS terrorist. Bad news if you’re a citizen of Los Angeles worried about Islamics killing you and blowing stuff up.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has publicly refused to comply with Trump’s call for police officers to assist federal authorities by detaining undocumented immigrants for deportation.

capture“That is not our job, nor will I make it our job,” Beck said in November, drawing a line he’s still defending.

Beck is not alone among law enforcement and city officials who’ve taken this position — city leaders from San Francisco to Chicago to New York have pledged to fight Trump’s immigration policies even if it means the loss of federal funding.

So if you’re an Islamic wanting to set up your terror cell, here are the places to do it.

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L.A. child protection agency misses hundreds of payments

After decades on trying, L.A. still can’t figure it out.

Glitches in a new computer system at Los Angeles County’s child protection agency have caused hundreds of missed payments to foster care parents, group home managers and others receiving public assistance, according to county officials.

Those living paycheck to paycheck found themselves in dire straits. One young woman said she was kicked out of her apartment. Another had to wait in food lines to find something to eat. A group home manager said she had to borrow thousands of dollars from friends to make payroll.

The problem stems from a new digital case file system implemented by the Department of Children and Family Services late last year, a conversion that county officials said was required by state law. About 500,000 cases had to be moved to the new system, according to DCFS officials.

The missed payments come at a particularly sensitive time for DCFS as officials face a critical shortage in foster care beds. Thousands of kids in recent years were moved to facilities not meant for long-term housing.

Naturally, department head Philip Browning downplayed the problem.

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How California AG’s manipulate the initiative process


Of the many tasks facing Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra in his new job, it was an unheralded duty that Republican legislators wanted to pin him down on during recent confirmation hearings in Sacramento: the vetting of ballot initiatives.

The attorney general is tasked under California law to write a brief title and summary of each measure that will end up on the state ballot.

“What will you do to ensure that you’re being descriptive and objective, and following the election code, when you write those ballot titles and summaries?” asked Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-Templeton).

To understand the question requires knowing a bit of California political history. Attorneys general have long had the duty to collect and then prepare proposed initiatives before the measure’s backers can begin collecting voter signatures.

But in the era of big money initiative campaigns — generally viewed as the years following the landmark 1978 property tax rollback, Proposition 13 — critics have occasionally complained of partisan scheming, alleging that the title and summary of an initiative are sometimes crafted in a way that pleases the attorney general’s political allies.

That’s an understatement.

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#AmericansLoveDrugs: #Heroin has become #Oakland’s favorite pastime

Oakland leaders had ambitious goals three months ago when they sought to bring basic services and help to a squalid, needle-strewn homeless camp at 35th and Magnolia streets.

The idea, they said, was to offer a humane alternative to sending in cleanup crews and clearing the 39 homeless people out. Instead, city employees hosed off the sidewalks, added portable toilets and trash bins, and provided counselors to help get the campers into housing. They installed concrete barricades to prevent the camp from growing and set a March 31 deadline to get everyone housed.

Halfway through the effort, officials are finding out just how difficult it is to follow through with their bighearted intentions. More homeless people have moved into the camp, replacing those who left. Officials have no clear plan for how to shut down the camp by March 31.

Perhaps the most entrenched problem facing the city is that many of the homeless people at 35th and Magnolia streets are addicted to heroin. No city official — from the Police Department to the city administrator’s office — would comment on what the city is doing, if anything, to crack down on drug trafficking, which area residents say moved from the camp itself to areas near their homes after the city installed the barricades.

Officials were caught off guard by the extent of heroin use in the sanctioned homeless camp, and outreach workers struggled to keep needles and syringes from piling up in the trash bins and bathrooms.

Oakland’s contracted garbage hauler, Waste Management, stopped serving the camp in December, saying the used syringes pose a danger to workers. The city’s Public Works Department now picks up the trash.

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#ISIS wins again! SFO protesters demand #Islamics be allowed to enter the U.S.


Thousands of demonstrators outraged by President Trump’s executive order denying #Islamics entry into the U.S. protested Saturday afternoon at San Francisco International Airport after hearing reports of travelers being detained there.

Trump’s order instantly went into effect Friday night, closing borders for at least 90 days to travelers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Syrian refugees were barred indefinitely.

The fact that the Islamics who kill people and blow stuff up come from these countries did little to dissuade the protesters.

But by 6 p.m. Saturday, several organizations — notably the American Civil Liberties Union — obtained an emergency injunction from a federal judge in New York that halts enforcement of Trump’s order against those with valid visas.

The horde of protesters had gathered at the International Terminal, waving signs reading, “I Stand With Refugees” and “One Earth, One People, One Love.”

ISIS wins again.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle

State election officials make ridiculous voter fraud claim


President Trump insists that voter fraud exists in the U.S. Normal people get it. Our voting rules are so lax that virtually anyone can vote.

Yet California officials maintain that our voting procedures are safe and secure. It’s laughable on one hand, and it exemplifies the Orwellian thinking that dominates our state’s officials.

“You have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states,” Trump said in an ABC News interview last week. “There are millions of votes, in my opinion.”

And none of those purportedly illegal votes was for him, the president added.

“They all voted for Hillary,” Trump said. “They didn’t vote for me. I don’t believe I got one.”

As with everyting in America, it isn’t cheating if the right people win.

Read the spin in the San Francisco Chronicle

How the #LAUSD steals money


Teachers care…not about your kids, about the money.

The outcome was detailed in a lengthy staff report to L.A. Unified’s board last month, although it received almost no notice outside the bowels of the organization.

The district’s chief financial officer, Megan Reilly, told the board that redirecting the funds could have left the district with a $441.2 million deficit in the 2017-18 fiscal year and a $1.5 billion deficit by 2018-19 – but that was before a “realignment exercise” it conducted with the blessing of Torlakson’s department.

The district simply recategorized a number of previous expenditures as qualifying for the LCFF grants, enabling it to declare it “will enable the district’s estimated ending balance to revert back to pre-CDE decision levels.”

It turned the 2017-18 deficit into a $280 million surplus and whittled the immense 2018-19 deficit down to a manageable $252 million.

Nothing changed, in other words, except some computer codes. And L.A. Unified still has an immense achievement gap.

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California maneuvers to become a de facto “sanctuary state”

captureGreat news for Islamics who come here to kill people and blow stuff up. Bad news for everyone else.

Democratic lawmakers in California are moving swiftly to pass a package of legislation that would restrict state and local law enforcement, including school police and security departments, from using their own resources to aid federal authorities in immigration enforcement.

The legislative package would provide added cover to some local governments by standardizing often conflicting municipal policies and transforming California into a de facto “sanctuary state.”

Along with restricting local action on immigration enforcement, Senate Bill 54, by Democratic Senate leader Kevin de León, would require schools, hospitals and courthouses around the state to adopt similar policies.

It also would require state agencies to update their confidentiality policies so information on individuals’ immigration status is not shared for enforcement purposes.

The consequences of these new laws will be to let Islamics roam freely in California to kill people and blow stuff up.

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Great news! #Calexit campaign can begin collecting signatures for 2018 ballot


Great news!

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment seeking California’s secession from the U.S. can begin collecting voter signatures to qualify for the 2018 ballot.

The Calexit movement emerged within days of the upset presidential victory of Republican Donald Trump, who lost California by nearly 4.3 million votes.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that nearly one in three Californians support the state leaving the U.S.

Proponents have until July 25 to collect 585,407 valid voter signatures to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.

Good luck California.

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California’s leaders use #alternativefacts to distract voter from real, serious problems


By devoting most of Tuesday’s State of the State address to denouncing Donald Trump and his policies, Gov. Jerry Brown fed rhetorical red meat to fellow Democrats.

California politicians portray the state as a paradisiacal bastion of tolerance, economic well-being and political comity.

Meanwhile State Controller Betty Yee declared that the state’s unfunded liability – its debt – for retiree health care had jumped to $77 billion.

California has the nation’s highest level of poverty, caused by a shortage of housing and its sky-high costs. A third of Californians are poor enough to qualify for Medi-Cal.

It has the nation’s worst traffic congestion and second-worst pavement conditions.

It has a very shaky water supply, and its K-12 schools rank near the bottom in academic achievement.

It has ever-growing debts for public employee pensions and retiree health care.

Its state budget is tenuously “balanced,” but only if one ignores those debts, and is dangerously dependent on highly volatile taxes from a few wealthy Californians.

California leader’s Trump obsession not only entices California’s politicians to overstate its virtues and minimize its shortcomings – their version of “alternative facts,” perhaps? – but diverts the political energy they demand.

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Toothless oversight for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department


Expect Los Angeles County’s brutality against the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color to continue.

A long-awaited body — composed of a law professor, two attorneys, an advocacy group director, a former prosecutor, a former public defender, a retired sheriff’s lieutenant, a pastor and a rabbi — the commission is the first all-civilian review board assigned to monitor the agency, one of the largest local law enforcement agencies in the nation.

Unlike the inspector general, whose office was established in 2014, the commission will hold monthly public meetings where anyone can comment and is set up to address overarching themes rather than detailed policy analyses. The commission and inspector general will work together and can view internal disciplinary files on deputies through a cooperative agreement Huntsman has with the department.

However, neither oversight group has subpoena or disciplinary power, an element any rational person would say is necessary to straighten out a department battered by a years of scandal.

So this is just eyewash to make people think that somehow thy psychopathic brutality of the Sheriff’s Department will somehow suddenly stop.

Good luck with that. Enjoy your Police State.

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With #Trump’s election, #Islamics infiltrating America are forced to change tactics


Murtadha Al-Tameemi, a 24-year-old Iraqi software engineer at Facebook, was in Canada for the opening night of his brother’s play when he received a phone call from someone he wasn’t expecting: his immigration lawyer.

“Where are you?” she asked. When she heard he was in Canada she said: “OK, come back right now.”

She told him that President Trump was planning on signing an order temporarily banning people from some Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq. Al-Tameemi, who is in the U.S. on a worker visa, decided he would stay because it was an important night for his brother.

But that night he was unable to sleep, tossing, turning and wondering: Did he make the right decision? Would he be blocked from re-entering the U.S. and lose his job? He got to the airport five hours early the next day and was able to return without incident, but he’s put future travel plans on hold.

“I’m very anxious. It seems so unfair — I’ve been in this country all these years. I’ve contributed to society,” said Al-Tameemi, who first came to the U.S. 10 years ago. “I haven’t done anything wrong, but there’s punishment for something that we didn’t do.”

Maybe if her Islamic terror pals stopped killing people and blowing stuff up this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening? Think about it.

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San Francisco #MayorEdLee says it will be business as usual for the brutal #SFPD


Mayor Ed Lee laid out a vision for San Francisco as a “shining light for our country,” a beacon of progressive values that stands by its immigrant community and provides health care for all of its residents in his annual State of the City address Thursday.

By “progressive values” he means the San Francisco Police Department will continue to brutalize the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color.

We have to admit, we didn’t expect anything different from the Mayor.

President Trump’s election has provided Lee with a potent foil and the chance to step up to the national stage. It also allowed him to focus Thursday on topics other than the acrimonious fights that played out over the past year at City Hall.

captureThe distraction is good news for the viscous San Francisco Police Officers Association. While the Leftists are wringing their hands about President Trump, the police have free reign to continue terrorizing citizens just as they have done in the past.

Critics said his responses to the housing and homeless crises were weak and that he wasn’t aggressive enough in addressing allegations of racism and homophobia within the Police Department.

The Mayor’s supporters, and his pimps in the elite media however, just brushed these arguments aside.

Opponents also accused him of catering to the interests of technology companies and business interests.

But of course, Mayor Lee has made it abundantly clear that San Francisco exists solely to serve  technology companies and business interests.

Enjoy your Police State. It’s what progressiveism San Francisco style looks like.

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The #EliteMedia sturggles to understand why Americans hate them and love #Trump

captureIs Trumpism a scam? And if so, who is Donald Trump scamming?

Or is the country confronting something even more troubling: a president unhinged from any realities that get in the way of his impulses, unmoored from any driving philosophy, and willing to make everything up as he goes along, including “alternative facts“?

Of course, there’s another possibility: that there’s a method in all of this.

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California Democrat’s tough talk about stopping #Trump, just that…talk

With California’s political leaders in full resistance mode over President Trump’s executive order to build a wall on the Mexican border, Senate leader Kevin de León, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and others have floated an idea to try to stop it: the state’s famously stringent environmental laws.

“If there’s severe environmental impacts on our border, we’re going to seriously look into it,” De León, a Los Angeles Democrat, told reporters at a Wednesday news conference in Sacramento.

But legal experts say any effort to use state and federal environmental rules to block the wall faces extremely slim chances of being successful. Under the U.S. Constitution, the federal government has wide latitude to preempt state and local laws, especially in cases of immigration and national security.

In other words, California’s political leaders talk tough, but don’t expect them to deliver much.

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The #EliteMedia Ramps Up #FakeNews Strategy To Oppose #Trump

The elite media has a new plan. If people don’t buy into the propaganda that they put out on a regular basis,  research suggests that more fake news will help.

For example, an overwhelming 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and that human activity is responsible. But only 27% of U.S. adults realize there is such widespread agreement, according to a recent Pew Research Center report.

The scientific consensus on climate change gets diluted as the public sorts between real news (meaning the elite media’s news) and those that question it….facts and alternative facts. Misinformation can spread like a virus.

But just like a virus, it may be possible to “vaccinate” people against the effects of fake news, according to a new study in the journal Global Challenges.

In other words…give the public more fake news.

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Condoleezza Rice: We need to give President Trump some time

Thursday’s discussion first meandered through Rice’s youth and her advice to young college students, then hit on some amusing anecdotes from her time as Bush’s national security adviser and then secretary of state.

When the topic turned to current politics, including Trump and the state of relations with Russia, Rice, always the diplomat, was reserved in her comments, but clearly primed to offer some thoughts.

“I think we have to give this (Trump presidency) some time,” Rice said. It will take the president himself time to realize the limitations of his power, she said, because he’s “accustomed to a different domain.”

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#CoveredCalifornia slams customers with retroactive premium increases


Wow! This is a really low blow.

Thousands of people enrolled in Covered California face higher-than-expected bills from their insurers because the exchange sent incorrect tax credit information to the health plans.

The exchange confirmed it gave insurers wrong subsidy information for about 25,000 policy holders, resulting in inaccurate bills. Insurers now are sending new bills correcting the errors, and in most cases that means higher premiums than consumers initially anticipated.

“It feels like this is a bait-and-switch,” said Beth Freeman, 53, of San Bruno. “Now what am I going to do? I don’t know if I can afford it.”

Freeman said she owes about $330 per month more on her premium than she had expected.

Covered California said it doesn’t know what caused the problem. “We are focused on reaching and making sure they know what to expect,” said spokeswoman Lizelda Lopez. “We will do an analysis afterwards to understand all the details.”

But in the meantime they’re shaking down customers for more money. More proof that the Affordable Healthcare Act was never about getting people healthcare coverage. It has always been about making money for the insurance industry.

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Incompetent intelligence officials may have let dozens of #ISIS killers into the U.S.


Incompetent intelligence officials may have allowed Islamic terrorists into the United States.

Federal agents are re-investigating the backgrounds of dozens of Syrian refugees already in the United States after discovering a lapse in vetting that allowed some who had potentially negative information in their files to enter the country, two U.S. law enforcement officials said.

The refugees whose cases are under review include one who failed a polygraph test when he applied to work at a U.S. military installation overseas and another who may have been in communication with an Islamic State leader, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

How could they miss this kind of stuff? WTF, the guy was talking to ISIS…the Islamics who kill people and blow stuff up!!!

The vetting gap raises questions about the Syrian refugee screening process, which the Obama administration had often described as exhaustive and rigorous, but which President Donald Trump has criticized as a national security risk.

It looks like President Trump was absolutely correct.

Former President Barack Obama ramped up the acceptance of Syrians last year, admitting 15,479 Syrian refugees, a 606 percent increase over the 2,192 admitted in 2015. Since the civil war started, the U.S. has accepted more than 18,000 Syrians seeking asylum, according to the State Department.

As investigators re-examined the cases for red flags, they discovered at least several dozen that now require further investigation by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, the officials said.

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@CaGOP Chairman on the hot seat in Colonies corruption trial

captureIf you’ve ever wondered why the rich just get richer and you barely make ends meet, follow this trial and it will all become clear.

High roller lobbyist and California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte took the witness stand Wednesday in the Colonies corruption trial, testifying about his role in assisting one of the defendants in helping facilitate a settlement with the county in 2006 that prosecutors allege was tainted by bribery.

Brulte took a high-paying job with the Sacramento-based government relations firm California Strategies as a principal after leaving the legislature, testified that he was hired to the defendants.

The defendants are accused of paying a total of $400,000 in bribes to former Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Postmus, former county Supervisor Paul Biane, former county Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin, and Mark Kirk, former chief of staff for former county Supervisor Gary Ovitt, in exchange for them approving or facilitating the $102 million settlement between the county and Colonies Partners on Nov. 28, 2006.

A grand jury indicted Burum, Erwin, Kirk and Biane in May 2011.

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#LAUSD in shock – “#Trump is coming after us”

Capture.PNGFollowing President Trump’s vow to cut funding to “sanctuary cities,” school districts providing similar protections to undocumented students and their families are in a state of shock.

California’s schools receive billions in federal grants to support special education, low-income families and English learners. Cuts to federal funding could devastate schools already struggling with tight budgets, according to Steve Zimmer, president of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest in the nation.

capture1Zimmer has a tough decision, obey the law, or lose all that free money.

More than $700 million of LAUSD’s nearly $8 billion budget comes from Washington. That’s a lot of pork for teachers and school administrators.

LAUSD took that stance last year, pledging to resist probes from the federal government “to the fullest extent provided by the law.” Zimmer said the district has no intent of backing down, regardless of threats to their funding.

We’ll see. Our bet is on Zimmer’s greed.

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#MountainView to the feckless California Apartment Association: See you in court

Rent-control advocates in Mountain View are breathing a sigh of relief after the City Council voted this week to defend a legal challenge to a measure passed in November that rolls back rents and places caps on annual increases.

Last month, the California Apartment Association sued the city over Measure V, the so-called Community Stabilization and Fair Rent Act, arguing that it amounted to an “unlawful taking” and was therefore unconstitutional.

The City Council voted 6-0 to answer the complaint filed by the association.

Measure V, which passed with 53.5 percent in favor, would roll back rents to what they were on Oct. 19, 2015, a date the coalition has tied to a dramatic spike in rents.

It also would require landlords to show cause when evicting tenants and tie annual increases of no less than 2 percent and no more than 5 percent to the Consumer Price Index.

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First Round Of  #SanctuaryCity Money Yanked From #SanFrancisco


President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday to strip federal funding from cities that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The executive order ensures sanctuary cities “do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law.”

City officials estimate that San Francisco receives more than $1 billion a year in federal funding, including some federal monies funnelled through the state, though it was not immediately clear what will be lost.

Hours after Trump signed the order, Mayor Ed Lee and other top-ranking city officials denounced the president and reaffirmed San Francisco’s sanctuary policies. The mayor is expected to further discuss Trump’s actions in his “State of the City” address Thursday.

Obviously living without $1 billion free tax dollars is something the Mayor and his pals are OK with.

Funding cuts were just one aspect of two executive orders centered on immigration that President Trump signed.

One of the executive orders called for a crackdown on undocumented immigrants and the enforcement of federal immigration policies, the other ordered the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

To date, the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department has not responded to the 41 requests by ICE to be notified when the Sheriff’s Department releases undocumented immigrants, or to detain them for pickup, since July 2016.

Presumably these individuals are currently roaming freely in San Francisco.

Eileen Hirst, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, said the department will continue to follow San Francisco’s sanctuary policies.

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President #Trump’s voter fraud crackdown sends shock-wave through Leftist America


Despite a tsunami of spin from “state officials, election experts and elected politicians that voter fraud in America is, at best, an unsubstantiated claim and, at worst, a dangerous myth,” President Trump announced his intention to pursue a major investigation into alleged voter fraud.

The President’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, said that two possible locations for the investigation will be California and New York.

Both states are ripe for an investigation.

It hardly seems a coincidence that those are two large, diverse and economically critical states that voted overwhelmingly for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

After all, if you’re going to investigate voter fraud, it only makes sense to do it in the states where most of the fraud takes place.

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California lawmakers welcome immigrants, then the police kill them


California state leaders denounced President Trump’s executive immigration orders on Wednesday.

They said nothing about the immigrants who have been brutally slain by the SFPD, the LAPD, and police departments across the state.

President Trump’s directives, which seek to temporarily stop the U.S. refugee program and suspend some visas, curb funding for cities that provide protections for immigrants, and order the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, are expected to be met with forceful legislative and legal resistance in California.

The Democratic lawmakers clashed in rancorous debate over how to respond to President Trump, said they planned to use their super-majorities in the Legislature to speed up a barrage of bills challenging the president’s key proposals.

At a news conference hours after Trump’s orders were released, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) called them “mean-spirited” and “spiteful,” saying the state was prepared to take the administration to court should other legislative efforts fail.

Democratic leaders in California say they have been anticipating the actions. Bills filed so far this session seek to provide legal aid to immigrants in the country illegally, refuse assistance to any proposed registry of Muslim immigrants and require any portion of a proposed wall along California’s southern border that exceeds a cost of $1 billion to first be approved by California voters.

The two state leaders are expected to work closely with California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra, whose state justice department pledged Wednesday to protect the privacy and property rights of all Californians.

So it’s hard to understand why Democrats work so hard to help suffering immigrants find a safe haven in California only to have them brutalized by the Police State.

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#SanFrancisco begins to panic as the reality of @realDonaldTrump sets in


As the vitriol against President Trump heightens, one can feel the panic that is gripping the Leftists.

“[Trump’s] crusade against the sanctuary city movement is another fight he can’t win. Cities across the country have adopted safe-harbor policies to protect law-abiding immigrants who’ve put down roots and established lives in defiance of this country’s restrictive and haphazard laws. The sanctuary protections encourage immigrants who are victims or witnesses of crime to cooperate with local law enforcement.

In focusing on sanctuary cities, Trump is threatening to cut off federal money, though the amount and timetable aren’t clear. He’s taking aim at a roster of cities large and small that includes Los Angeles and Chicago, not just the liberal stronghold of San Francisco.

Cities hosting this population must be resolute in protecting it as a matter of both humanity and public safety.”

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Supervisor #KristinOlsen’s business scheme looks troubling

Stanislaus County Supervisor Kristin Olsen has a new business and will try to juggle that with efforts to revive the Republican Party in California and fulfill her county responsibilities.

Last week, the former assemblywoman formally launched a consulting firm, called Red Suit, to offer public relations and legislative services to clients. The firm has a Sacramento phone number and mailing address and a second mailing address in Riverbank, where she lives.

According to the news release, Olsen’s firm will offer leadership training, branding, coalition building, grass-roots mobilization, political strategy and legislative advising. Olsen said she hopes to assist clients across the state and in the Central Valley and stay mobile in operating the business.

It raises questions about how much time Olsen will spend away from county government to serve out-of-town clients and Republican causes in the state. She was appointed as vice chair of the California Republican Party last month and will try to get more Republicans elected to state office. She has also said the party needs to increase its fundraising.

As a county supervisor, Olsen is responsible for representing residents and business owners in the Oakdale-Riverbank area.

Never mind that, who would hire a consultant who helped engineer the California Republican Party’s epic downfall into super-minority status in the California Legislature?

To think Olsen could offer anything that even closely resembled leadership is laughable. For her to claim she can help elect Republicans to state office is at best malfeasance and it further reveals a more sinister agenda.

Since she knows nothing about winning elections, one could hardly be blamed for thinking this “consulting firm” would be a convenient repository for “client business” coming before the county.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission should begin an investigation into the obvious conflict of interest here.

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President #Trump goes after voter fraud, Leftists freak-out, #FakeNews runs rampant

Leftists are having a meltdown.

President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday that he is ordering a “major investigation” into voter fraud, revisiting unsubstantiated claims he’s made repeatedly about a rigged voting system.

The investigation, he said, will look at those registered to vote in more than one state, “those who are illegal and … even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time).”

Depending on results, Trump tweeted, “we will strengthen up voting procedures!”

Trump has been fixated on his loss of the popular vote in the election and a concern that the legitimacy of his presidency is being challenged by Democrats and the media, aides and associates say.

Democrats have dismissed Trump’s voter fraud claims as baseless. Fake news to follow.

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California taxpayers are going to get stuck with a huge climate change bill


President Donald Trump’s plans for climate and renewable energy research are no secret…and they’re going to cost California taxpayers bigtime!

Gov. Jerry Brown has said that California will push back and even help gather climate data. California should do even more by funding climate modeling and renewable-energy research.

Most scientists and economists (who already get paid by the taxpayers) naturally believe we already spend too little on energy R&D.

California has the most ambitious greenhouse-gas-reduction targets in the world. But by 2050, we will essentially need to decarbonize our economy. To meet these goals, we need technological breakthroughs in battery efficiency, noncarbon transportation fuels, carbon-capture systems and other emerging technologies.

We depend on federal funding for this research through our universities and national labs, including DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If Trump acts as many fear, we stand to lose the benefit of this tremendously valuable research by some of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers.

So guess what California taxpayers, it’s going to cost you more to live in Libtopia.

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The corrupt #PUC is about to give California utilities $1-billion

Three of California’s largest utilities, including Southern California Edison, have put together proposals totaling more than $1 billion to try to electrify the state’s transportation sector.

The costs of the requests by Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and SDG&E will be passed on to ratepayers and still need to be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. The utilities say the projects will go a long way to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Southern California Edison’s proposal is expected to cost $570 million, which will pay for electric vehicle incentives, rebates for residential charging stations and electrification projects for medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Pacific Gas & Electric has requested $253 million, the bulk going to electric infrastructure aimed at larger vehicles such as buses that currently use diesel fuel. The PG&E proposal also wants to offer “a significant rebate” program for fast-chargers that can power electric vehicles in 20 or 30 minutes.

SDG&E wants to spend $244.1 million to install tens of thousands of charging stations in its service area to boost the transition to zero-emission vehicles, trucks, shuttles and delivery fleets.

Electric cars are less than 1% of the market.

Each of the utilities’ proposals will get “vetted” through the PUC’s corrupt regulatory process. Then the utility companies will cash-in.

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# JackieLacey clears the #LAPD officers who executed #EzellFord

captureLos Angeles County  prosecutors said Tuesday they will not criminally charge two Los Angeles police officers who executed Ezell Ford in 2014.

In the Police State, officers are rarely held accountable when they use deadly force.

That decision comes more than a year and a half after a police oversight panel faulted one of the officers, saying that his handling of the encounter was so flawed that it led to the fatal shooting.

No matter, these killers are back on the streets.

Ford, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, was walking near his South L.A. home when he was tracked down and executed by officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas.

In the Police State, if you’re poor, mentally ill, or homeless, you will be exterminated.

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