The #LAPD opens up a new front in their war against the #homeless


Los Angeles’ new ordinance on living in cars was billed as a boon to homeless people, making it legal for the first time to park and sleep in half the city’s streets.

But with the measure set to kick in Feb. 6, a new map suggests the law could trigger a crackdown on some of the city’s 28,000 homeless people.  The map, which police will use to enforce the measure, shows only 10% of city streets cleared for car lodging.

Other posted restrictions on overnight parking and oversized vehicles are not on the maps, but will be enforced.

Many jurisdictions have moved against homeless people living in their cars in recent years, with 40% of 187 cities surveyed in 2016 by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty having adopted curbs.

L.A.’s difficulty in finding places to put its occupied vehicles underscores its continuing failure to rein in its burgeoning homeless population.

In other words, the policy was just another lie told to the city’s homeless. The police will be coming after them. The only thing left now is to collect the dead.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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