California taxpayers are going to get stuck with a huge climate change bill


President Donald Trump’s plans for climate and renewable energy research are no secret…and they’re going to cost California taxpayers bigtime!

Gov. Jerry Brown has said that California will push back and even help gather climate data. California should do even more by funding climate modeling and renewable-energy research.

Most scientists and economists (who already get paid by the taxpayers) naturally believe we already spend too little on energy R&D.

California has the most ambitious greenhouse-gas-reduction targets in the world. But by 2050, we will essentially need to decarbonize our economy. To meet these goals, we need technological breakthroughs in battery efficiency, noncarbon transportation fuels, carbon-capture systems and other emerging technologies.

We depend on federal funding for this research through our universities and national labs, including DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If Trump acts as many fear, we stand to lose the benefit of this tremendously valuable research by some of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers.

So guess what California taxpayers, it’s going to cost you more to live in Libtopia.

Read the whole article in the Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. De-Carbonize our economy so it will look like what …?? Venezuela.. Kaly is so broke with failing pensions that he will continue tax us into poverty and he has NO money for anything as he’s chasing business and the tax paying middle class out of here to fast that they need to put stop signs on the Kaly border. It’s also possible that businessman Peter Theil will win the governorship and thats the end of that reefer dream of Jerry and Newsom


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