@CaGOP Chairman on the hot seat in Colonies corruption trial

captureIf you’ve ever wondered why the rich just get richer and you barely make ends meet, follow this trial and it will all become clear.

High roller lobbyist and California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte took the witness stand Wednesday in the Colonies corruption trial, testifying about his role in assisting one of the defendants in helping facilitate a settlement with the county in 2006 that prosecutors allege was tainted by bribery.

Brulte took a high-paying job with the Sacramento-based government relations firm California Strategies as a principal after leaving the legislature, testified that he was hired to the defendants.

The defendants are accused of paying a total of $400,000 in bribes to former Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Postmus, former county Supervisor Paul Biane, former county Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin, and Mark Kirk, former chief of staff for former county Supervisor Gary Ovitt, in exchange for them approving or facilitating the $102 million settlement between the county and Colonies Partners on Nov. 28, 2006.

A grand jury indicted Burum, Erwin, Kirk and Biane in May 2011.

Read the whole story in the San Bernardino Sun


One comment

  1. And this is the idiot who is running the GOP and is responsible for giving the entire legislature to corrupt democrats.. He’s a shining example of why the GOP in Kaly is irrelevant today and we have a Soviet style one party system.


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