Toothless oversight for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department


Expect Los Angeles County’s brutality against the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color to continue.

A long-awaited body — composed of a law professor, two attorneys, an advocacy group director, a former prosecutor, a former public defender, a retired sheriff’s lieutenant, a pastor and a rabbi — the commission is the first all-civilian review board assigned to monitor the agency, one of the largest local law enforcement agencies in the nation.

Unlike the inspector general, whose office was established in 2014, the commission will hold monthly public meetings where anyone can comment and is set up to address overarching themes rather than detailed policy analyses. The commission and inspector general will work together and can view internal disciplinary files on deputies through a cooperative agreement Huntsman has with the department.

However, neither oversight group has subpoena or disciplinary power, an element any rational person would say is necessary to straighten out a department battered by a years of scandal.

So this is just eyewash to make people think that somehow thy psychopathic brutality of the Sheriff’s Department will somehow suddenly stop.

Good luck with that. Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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