Sacramento Update

Great News! Bill would stop the state from suspending driver’s license over unpaid fines


When Aaron Cutchon was laid off from his job at an auto body shop, he could no longer afford to pay for two traffic tickets he got for driving in a carpool lane.

His license was suspended, and he had to stop attending classes at a Napa junior college where he was working toward an associate’s degree.

New legislation in California supported by Gov. Jerry Brown would eliminate such a dilemma by forbidding courts from taking licenses from people just because they can’t pay their fines.

State Sen. Robert Hertzberg introduced a bill this week that would ban the practice. Brown and Hertzberg say the current policy disproportionately targets low-income Californians and can send people into a cycle of job losses and more poverty.

“What we’ve learned is it ruins people’s lives,” said Hertzberg, a Democrat from Van Nuys. “The privilege of driving should not be connected with the size of your wallet.”

Well done Senator.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register


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  1. he could no longer afford to pay for two traffic tickets he got for driving in a carpool lane.

    Well stupid is as stupid does.. He has TWO/ 2 tickets for driving in the carpool lane. Wouldn’t most folks after teh first one figure out it’s not a good idea to ddrive in that lane ?? This is actually more get out of jail free cards for illegal mexicans who have licenses but don’t get insurance or PAY FINES.. How much more pandering can Red Jerry do at our expense for illegals. before the general population figures out that they no longer have to obey any kind of laws in Mexifornia and Anarchy will start to reign.


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