State election officials make ridiculous voter fraud claim


President Trump insists that voter fraud exists in the U.S. Normal people get it. Our voting rules are so lax that virtually anyone can vote.

Yet California officials maintain that our voting procedures are safe and secure. It’s laughable on one hand, and it exemplifies the Orwellian thinking that dominates our state’s officials.

“You have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are in two states,” Trump said in an ABC News interview last week. “There are millions of votes, in my opinion.”

And none of those purportedly illegal votes was for him, the president added.

“They all voted for Hillary,” Trump said. “They didn’t vote for me. I don’t believe I got one.”

As with everyting in America, it isn’t cheating if the right people win.

Read the spin in the San Francisco Chronicle


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