Campaign funds allow #DuncanHunter to party on someone else’s dime

Duncan Hunter loves to party on someone else’s dime…that’s for sure.

Among tens of thousands of dollars that Rep. Duncan Hunter paid back to his campaign treasury in November were two unexplained charges to Feis Productions, totaling $230.

The charges had originally been reported as event entertainment. It turns out Feis Productions services registrations for Irish dance festivals where Hunter’s daughters compete.

“Any charges processed by Feis Productions would not and could not be be for anything related to a political campaign,” said Jim Gilmartin of Feis.

Hunter, R-Alpine, also spent campaign funds at hotels during dance competitions — one in Los Angeles, one in Orange County and one at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix.

Only the Arizona resort charges and California registrations have been reimbursed to the campaign since Hunter set out to make good on $65,000 worth of personal, mistaken or undocumented charges that he had covered with campaign money.

The dance competitions illustrate two aspects of the ongoing Hunter imbroglio, as a report by the Office of Congressional Ethics nears release.

Read the whole story in the San Diego Union-Tribune


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