Clueless #SantaRosa Wants To Help #ISIS, Will Vote To Become A #SanctuaryCity


Just when you thought California leaders couldn’t get any dumber, along comes Santa Rosa.

A huge crowd energized to oppose President Donald Trump’s immigration policies descended on Santa Rosa City Hall Tuesday urging city leaders to declare the city a sanctuary for those living here without documentation despite the administration’s threat of federal funding cuts for cities that fail to cooperate with immigration agents.

Much like the defiant crowds that took to city streets last month during the Women’s March, one of the largest crowds to attend a City Council meeting in recent memory — possibly exceeding 200 people — packed the council chambers and spilled outside to demand the city protect residents seen as vulnerable to deportation under what many view as an increasingly capricious Trump presidency.

The council voted unanimously to take up the matter of whether to declare the city a sanctuary, or a similar term such as “welcoming city,” at next Tuesday’s council meeting, virtually the earliest date council procedures allow.

ISIS no doubt appreciates the support.

Read the whole rediculous story in the Press Democrat


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