Great news, more countries could be added to #Trump’s terror travel ban

Great news!

The Trump administration signaled Tuesday that some of the temporary bans on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries are likely to be extended indefinitely and elevated a deportations official to run the nation’s top immigration enforcement agency as it pushed further to dramatically restrict U.S. immigration policy.

Top immigration officials, led by newly sworn-in Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly visited Capitol Hill to reach out to Republican lawmakers upset over being excluded while the order was being developed and separately briefed reporters on adjustments to the program.

(Obviously the Trump administration didn’t want to be sold-out by Republicans so they wisely kept the decision-making to themselves.)

Kelly pressed forward with Trump’s plans to transform U.S. border policy, saying for the first time that some of the restrictions that caused confusion and sparked protests over the weekend could be extended well into the future.

The list of banned countries may expand; Trump’s order directed Kelly to submit within 60 days a list of additional nations whose citizens should be prohibited from traveling to the U.S. as well.

The moves signaled that the White House remained committed to remaking border law enforcement.

GOP senators, who were inundated with requests from Ialmics for assistance, aired their complaints to Vice President Mike Pence, a guest at their weekly lunch at the Capitol on Tuesday.

It’s pretty clear which side the Republicans are on. ISIS no doubt appreciates their support.

You can read the propaganda condemning President Trump here in the LA Times


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