Police Commission lets #LAPD #killercops walk free


The LAPD genocide against people of color continues unabated. At the Police Commission’s weekly meeting Tuesday, dozens of people waited hours to hear the board rule that officers were not “substantially involved” in the death of a woman inside a Los Angeles jail cell.

For months, activists have criticized the Los Angeles Police Department over Wakiesha Wilson’s death, chanting her name at the commission’s weekly meetings and demanding to know more about how she died.

Police State officials claimed Wilson committed suicide by hanging herself in the cell, though her family almost immediately questioned the account.

“Say her name!” people in the packed room shouted Tuesday. “No justice, no peace!”

That evening, the 10-month investigation into Wilson’s death came to a close after the commission — which reviews all deaths that occur in LAPD custody — unanimously determined officers did nothing wrong.

As Matt Johnson, the commission’s president, announced the findings and expressed condolences to Wilson’s family, her mother sobbed in the audience. Activists enveloped Lisa Hines in a hug as her sister shouted profanities. Hines later fainted.

“They killed my baby,” she cried.

Wilson’s family has questioned why she would commit suicide, saying there were no signs that she was distraught when she spoke to relatives on the phone after her arrest.

Naturally, the names of the killer cops were redacted from the report made public Tuesday.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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