The disgusting white elites who run the #UC system pay off another #rapist professor

The disgusting white elites who run the UC system pay off another rapist professor.

The University of California will pay $1.15 million to a former UC Santa Cruz student to settle her claim that a professor raped her when she was his student in 2015, and that campus officials knew the man had a history of pursuing students but did nothing to stop him.

According to the claim, another student who worked at UC Santa Cruz was involved in the assault.

Attorneys for the former student, Luz Portillo, say the settlement could be the largest awarded to an individual in a campus sexual assault case.

Ms. Portillo, now 24, said she wants to go public because she would have liked to know when she was assaulted that she was not alone.

“Sexual assault has been a very common theme in higher education, and it should not be happening,” Portillo said. “If me coming forward helps any other victim, that’s the best thing I could have done.

Ms. Portillo is very brave, the public owes here a debt of gratitude for her courageous stand.

Feckless UC Santa Cruz officials declined to answer questions, referring a reporter to a statement posted on the campus website Tuesday by Chancellor George Blumenthal and interim Provost Herbert Lee.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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