Sham hearing sets up the re-opening of #AlisoCanyon; #PorterRanch residents go berserk


State regulators were prepared to say the Aliso Canyon gas field that spewed the largest methane leak in the nation may be safe enough to refill with natural gas and supply fuel for energy-hungry Los Angeles.

But then hundreds of angry residents Wednesday evening disrupted a packed three-hour public hearing in Woodland Hills to call for putting a halt to immediately reopening the Southern California Gas. Co facility.

Moments before the state presentation, about half the standing-room hall of 400 residents stood up in protest. A meeting moderator threatened to shut down the proceeding.

“If you cannot absolutely say what caused the Aliso Canyon leak, then this facility is not safe,” Packuko shouted through an electronic bullhorn.

“Shut it all down … forever!” the protesters chanted.

Their message: First determine the cause of the four-month leak, or shut down the 3,600-acre gas field just north of Porter Ranch forever.

The two-day public hearing hosted by state oil and gas regulators outlined sweeping safety measures conducted at the Aliso Canyon gas field near Porter Ranch and discussed the feasibility of the facility. It also drew public feedback — nearly three hours of mostly angry responses — on whether to resume gas injections.

A recommendation by state regulators on whether to reopen Aliso Canyon is expected to come as early as next week.

It’s easy to see where this is going…Southern California Gas and its partners spread lots of money around Sacramento.

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News



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