#Racist #BayArea White Elites #Censor #Art Critical of the #PoliceState


With ruthless Police State efficiency, the Bay Area’s racist white elites were quick to censor an “apparently unauthorized” exhibit of paintings criticizing racist police officers.

The exhibit was removed from the East Side Union High School District office within minutes of being displayed.

The 11 paintings by San Francisco visual artist and social activist Mark Harris were displayed in the district office to celebrate February’s Black History Month, until parent and employee complaints alerted administrators, Superintendent Chris Funk said.

One painting depicts a ’50s-era family, with two girls carrying signs saying “Jail killer cops.” Another, in the design of a U.S. postage stamp, shows the Statue of Liberty draped in a confederate flag and with the words “No Negroes, Mexicans, Muslims.”

The Bay Area’s cops routinely execute the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color, but putting that practice on canvas was just to much for school administrators.

The display was removed within 90 minutes.

The brutal and corrupt San Jose Police Officers Association, which is the spearhead of the Police State, applauded the removal of the “offensive display.”

Artist Harris feels dismayed. “If the exhibit is for African-American history month, we should be able to tell our own story from our perspective,” he said. “That doesn’t mean the school district is endorsing it.”

So much for the 1st Amendment.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the  Mercury News


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