As #healthcare premiums skyrocket, #CoveredCalifornia enrolls 368,000 new subscribers

captureSkyrocketing healthcare premiums are driving consumers to government subsidized healthcare.

Just over 386,000 new people signed up for coverage through the health insurance marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act.

Including people who later backed out, 412,000 people selected a health plan this year, down from 439,000 during last year’s enrollment period, said James Scullary, a spokesman for Covered California.

Despite the lower year-over-year enrollment, participation matched projections, Scullary said. Officials expect the number of new enrollments to diminish over time as more uninsured people get health coverage, he said.

captureTotal enrollment will top 1.5 million if all existing customers, who are automatically re-enrolled, continue paying their premiums. Costs are higher this year for most re-enrolling customers after insurers raised their monthly premiums by 13 percent on average.

About 37 percent of new enrollees were between 18 and 34 years old, about on par with last year.

“Covered California is continuing to enroll consumers in large numbers and with a good mix of younger and older, which helps keep rates down for everyone and keeps the entire individual market stable,” Executive Director Peter Lee said in a statement.

Covered California faces an uncertain future as Trump and Republicans in Congress explore options to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They have not yet coalesced around a replacement plan, and Trump recently said it may take until 2018 to do so.

Officials in California used an aggressive advertising and outreach campaign to encourage people to sign up despite the law’s uncertainty, noting that the law has not changed and substantial subsidies remain available for lower- and middle-income individuals and families.

Read the whole story in the Modesto Bee


One comment

  1. We simply can’t continue to subsidize folks who can pay their own pay in life with a rapidly failing health care system that the democrats designed to fail. The the democrats eventually want to turn it into Single payer style Canadian care as the current system is continuing to become more and more uinafordable. Having one third of the state on welfare, paid for by the other 2/3s is absurd. The middle classe is being stripped of it’s wealth and many are simply packing up and leaving to other states run by sane people.


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