Seeking payback, feckless California Republicans ask #Trump to screw #CalTrain


Feckless California Republicans in Congress are pushing the Trump administration to hold off on approving $647 million for the Caltrain system to go electric — something that could kill the redo of a line that carries more than 60,000 riders a day between the South Bay and San Francisco.

It’s all about sore loser Republicans screwing California Democrats.

In a Jan. 24 letter to newly sworn-in Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, all 18 members of the state’s GOP congressional delegation called for the Caltrain money to be put on hold until a full audit is done on Gov. Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail project.

In case you were wondering, Caltrain, and the daily commuters who rely on it, have nothing to do with the high-speed rail proposal.

The Republicans don’t have anything against Caltrain electrification per se — it’s the high-speed rail line they can’t stand. And high-speed trains will have no way of getting from San Jose to San Francisco if the Caltrain line isn’t electrified.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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