Humiliated Oakland fire chief Teresa Deloach Reed goes on leave


Humiliated Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed, who has been heavily criticized since 36 people died in the Dec. 2 Ghost Ship warehouse blaze, is on leave from the department.

Deputy Chief Mark Hoffmann said he was told Reed was out due to a sick family member, and that he and Deputy Chief Darin White have been rotating as interim fire chief.

Oakland firefighters union Vice President Zac Unger said that the rank-and-file has not heard a reason for her absence and she’s been gone for weeks.

“All I will say is we’ve had no official notification that she’s gone but we haven’t seen her in weeks,” Unger said. “We have also had no official notification of when she’s coming back.”

Mayor Libby Schaaf’s spokesperson Erica Derryck declined to comment. Reed’s executive assistant Angela Robison Pinon said “the city does not comment on the leave status of employees.”

Oakland’s public safety offices are out of control and the public remains in grave danger.

Read the whole story in the East Bay Times


One comment

  1. so much for having a Gaggle of leftist women running a crumbling city. They’re as incompetent as the men. Except that the gals are covering for her


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