Corrupt #SanFranciscoSheriff deputy gives felon her city-issued gun


This is how we roll in the Police State.

A San Francisco sheriff’s deputy arrested last week on federal charges in connection with a boyfriend she met while he was in jail may have had a relationship with another inmate too.

Court documents show Deputy April Myres had been married to Leonard Colvin, who is standing trial in San Francisco Superior Court for allegedly killing Emmett Byron, 39, in the Tenderloin on July 20, 2013, as revenge for his brother’s death.

Myres’ recent arrest by the FBI, along with former San Francisco inmate Antoine Fowler, who she met while he was in jail, was linked to an alleged insurance fraud scheme.

Myres was charged with giving her city-issued gun to Fowler, who was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Myres met Fowler while she was a jail guard and he was a prisoner. She had also apparently met her ex-husband while he did time in County Jail, according to court records.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner

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