#Islamics in #Iran panic over #Trump


They talk trash publicly, but the Islamics in Iran are apparently pretty worried about President Trump.

Gloom and dread can be felt across the Iranian capital, and some people blame not only Trump, but also their own leaders.

web1_trump2_79039201First Trump ordered a ban on travel by most Iranians to the United States. Then the Iranian military conducted a missile test, which was followed by a warning from Trump’s national security adviser that Iran was “on notice” for an undefined reprisal.

Amid all of this, Trump issued a barrage of Twitter posts correctly accusing Iran of meddling in the region and being “#1 in terror.” He has also not missed an occasion to call the 2015 nuclear agreement – which many average Iranians see as their main lifeline to relatively normal lives – as a “really, really bad deal.”

In classrooms, taxis, hair salons and homes, many people in this nation of 80 million have gone from first dismissing Trump’s comments as political bombast to worrying about new sanctions and even military strikes by the United States.

Meanwhile Iran’s psychopath supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has responded to Trump with mocking sarcasm.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register

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