California, get a clue…#Trump doesn’t care what you think


According to the latest polls, Californians didn’t like Donald Trump on election day and that animosity hasn’t faded much since the Republican businessman and reality TV star took office last month.

Trump received about 32 percent of the state’s vote in November and 33 percent of California adults now have a favorable opinion of the new president, according to the Public Policy Institute of California survey. That approval slips to 30 percent when residents were asked about Trump’s early job performance.

“The winner in an election sometimes gets a bounce, with people giving him the benefit of a doubt until they can see how he will govern,” said Mark Baldassare, PPIC’s president and the director of the poll. “That more generous response to the change in leadership isn’t happening in California.”

The poll numbers are brutal for Trump, even with his strong partisan backing from California Republicans. But with Republicans making up only 26 percent of the state’s registered voters, there aren’t enough of them to move the needle much on the poll questions.

What pollsters still don’t understand, is that President Trump and the rest of America really could care less what California thinks.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


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