#ICE conducts raids in Los Angeles, California goes berserk

About 100 protesters marched in the streets of downtown Los Angeles Thursday evening, fueled by fear and outrage after reports that federal agents had carried out a series of immigration raids across Southern California earlier in the day.

Civil rights groups said Thursday they had been alerted by “credible sources,” including attorneys, that immigration “sweeps” are taking place in the greater Los Angeles area.

The reported raids come as Southern California lawmakers and immigration advocates draw battle lines against President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on illegal immigration.

In an emailed statement, ICE said it conducts “enforcement actions every day around the country and here in Southern California as part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to uphold public safety and border security.”

“Our operations are targeted and lead driven, prioritizing individuals who pose a risk to our communities,” the statement said. “To that end, ICE’s routine immigration enforcement actions are ongoing and we make arrests every day.”

Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to the scene, telling protesters to disperse “or you will be arrested.”

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News


One comment

  1. FINALLY.. IT BEGINS.. Never could figure out what part of being illegal don’t these losers understand.. You don’t get automatic citizenship by sneaking across the border and now anybody who helps the illegals is also guilty. Thank you President Trump for trying to make Kaly part of American again and finally making these illegal immigrant hordes know that they now have to keep looking over their shoulders instead of walking around flipping Americans the middle finger


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