Because #AmericansLoveDrugs, the Mexican military is fighting a war with the cartels


It’s not a war Mexico wanted, it’s a war America has forced them into. However this should illustrate to hapless drug loving Americans why their pushers are charging more for their drugs on the streets. Supply has taken a huge tumble.

Recently, a Mexican military helicopter gunship fired on the alleged hideout of a drug kingpin in one of a pair of raids that left 12 suspects dead, including the cartel capo.

Spectacular footage of the helicopter firing over an urban district in the city of Tepic, capital of western Nayarit state, appeared on social media and Mexican television.

The video, shot by a witness, shows the low-flying helicopter, its spotlight occasionally illuminating the area, pouring gunfire toward a target in the city’s Lindavista district.

Shootouts between authorities and heavily armed gangs are relatively uncommon common in Mexico, despite the media hysteria in the U.S.

However because Americans love drugs, criminal syndicates wield immense power and influence in certain pockets of the country.

Eight suspects were killed in the raid, authorities said, including the suspected gang leader, identified as Juan Francisco Patron Sanchez, known as H2. He allegedly headed regional operations for Mexico’s powerful Beltran Leyva drug cartel.

A second shootout between authorities and alleged drug gang accomplices near the city airport killed four other suspects from the same criminal syndicate, the military said.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


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