Contractor fears #OrovilleDam is close to failure

What we can learn as a nation is the information that is being disseminated. Words chosen carefully, to not excite, to not scare. The issue, as it now stands is serious, life-threatening even. The officials, the owners reps, the media will tell us now, that there is nothing to be be frightened about – all under control (remember Katrina??).

We have, for so long, ignored the failing infrastructure of this great nation, Let us hope that a fatal failure is not necessary to get us to act. Past experience does not make me hopeful of that.

Oroville is 770′ high, 6,920′ long. It is one of the 20 largest dams in the world. If Oroville breaks, The city will be flooded.

Eight thousand three hundred and seventy five residents are at risk within the inundation zone. Two hundred thirty critical facilities in the city of Oroville are within the inundation zone, including; Eleven schools, twenty one day care and children service centers, fourteen elder care facilities, twenty six bridges will be lost, the airport, two fire stations, the government administration building, three law enforcement stations, the EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER (brilliant) Two waste water treatment plants, the jail, and the Hospital. (from the City of Oroville local hazard mitigation plan update May, 2013)

We are not talking about a river rising, where people have time to evacuate. We are talking about a wall of debris, mud, and water taking out a city, buildings, roads, bridges, life, in a horrible instant.

Read the whole story here: Scott Cahill, The Oroville Dam Failure


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  1. OK. WHERE IS THE BOND MONIES THAT WE VOTED ON A FEW YEARS A BACK.. 7 BILLION IN FUNDS TO BUILD Water STORAGE.., FIX Dams, etc.. Jerry used it to BUY wetlands and let the dams AND THE ROADS CRUMBLE and drought destroy Kaly. This is the result of Jerry and his fellow democrats insane enviro policies and totally ignoring infrastructure care are glarigly responsible for billions in repairs… Jerry is now going to have to go to President Trump.. hat in hand … begging !!!

    LUV IT !!


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