#Republicans remain clueless on how to replace #Obamacare

Obamacare's 6-Million Target Hit As Exchange Sees Visits Surge

Republicans in Congress are hitting roadblocks as they try to devise a plan to replace Obamacare, stuck over issues like how to structure tax breaks they want to give people to buy insurance.

The party stalemated on many of the same obstacles in 2014 during its most extensive effort to devise an alternative, according to lawmakers and aides involved with that effort.

Republicans, who have spent more than six years vowing to smash the Affordable Care Act, swept into control of the White House and Congress pledging a swift repeal. But they’ve made little progress in deciding how to do that, or what should come next.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and newly installed Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price have proposed an age-based refundable tax credit. Senator Rand Paul wants individuals to have the same unlimited tax deduction that employers get. Representative Mark Walker has floated a health-care tax deduction capped at $20,500 for families.

“It’s not moving fast enough,” said Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a conservative who’s had ambitions of becoming speaker. “Obamacare is a mess.”

Read the whole story in Bloomberg


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