Brutal #SantaRosa increases funding to continue rousting the homeless


The Santa Rosa City Council agreed Tuesday to boost funding aimed at getting the homeless off the streets.

The council, which last August declared a homeless emergency in the city, added $125,000 to this year’s budget for “rapid rehousing” funding.

It had previously allocated $200,000 for such services.

Despite some questions other homeless advocacy groups raised, City Manager Sean McGlynn called it “the most efficient process” to accomplish the council’s goals.

Read the whole story in the Press-Democrat




  1. So first they become a ‘ WELCOMING CITY” which is a magnet for illegals, and now they dump MORE tax monies to provide MORE services which also is a giant magnet for the homeless to pee on your streets, steal to provide for their drug habits, drink in public , and more panhandling… Nice going Santa slowly beginning to look like Detroit and LA and another democrat occupied ghetto.


  2. @James Steele Last I checked alcohol and drug addiction are medical problems by no means limited to the homeless.
    Many cities provide public restrooms which do not bar the homeless from using them. The greatest public urination problem usually is from college aged students using ally ways after the bars close. While the homeless do not pay property taxes their limited consumption does pay state and local taxes.


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