Republicans vote to let whack-jobs have guns

WTF are these people thinking?

An Obama-era rule requiring the federal government to provide information about the mentally ill to a national background check system to prevent them from purchasing guns was abolished by the Senate on Wednesday.

A 57-43 vote to roll back the rule is considered the first clash by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate on gun control during the Trump administration.

The Senate vote followed an earlier vote by the House rolling back a regulation that was enacted to prevent another tragedy like the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut where grade schoolers and teachers were shot and killed by Adam Lanza, 20, who was mentally impaired.

The 235-180 House vote earlier this year was largely along party lines.

Read the whole story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal



One comment

  1. It was a terrible Obama law designed ONLY to disarm Americas one step at a time. Thank You Congress. The sandy Hook massacure happened because sonny tried to buy a firearm on his own and the law worked ( please mention that.. It’s important ) He was refused.. the issue is then thathe murdered Mom and stole her guns… NO law is going to prevent a criminal bent on urdfer from dong so..


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