#Trump moves to reshape health insurance


With congressional Republicans struggling to develop an Obamacare alternative, the Trump administration is taking steps on its own to loosen government regulation of the nation’s health insurance markets.

Administration officials said the moves — which were detailed in proposed regulations — are necessary to stabilize Obamacare marketplaces that have been shaken over the last year by rising premiums and insurer exits.

The Trump administration began working on the new regulations soon after the inauguration amid rising anxiety about the future of insurance marketplaces established by the 2010 healthcare law.

The high number of costly, sick customers who enrolled in coverage surprised many insurers, prompting some to dramatically raise premiums this year or exit the marketplaces altogether.

That has prompted calls from industry officials for new rules to stabilize the marketplaces.

The Obama administration was considering some, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton indicated that she too wanted to take steps to get more young, healthy people to enroll in the marketplaces.

Some of the Trump administration’s proposals — outlined in a highly technical, 71-page proposed regulation — reflect ideas that have been under discussion since before the November election.

These include tightening the rules for when people can sign up for coverage. Insurers have complained for years that too many consumers have been gaming the system and signing up for coverage only after they get sick.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. Obama Bin Lyin Care is in a deth spiral anyways and is dyingon it’s own.. IT’s just a matter of time beore it impplodes.. Nice Going President Trump for taking th elead and getting in front to shape it’s future. 🙂


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