San Francisco supes are worried about #Trump; but OK with the #SFPD brutalizing immigrants 


They are in a panic about President Trump.

San Francisco’s months-long debate continues over increased funding for legal defense of detained undocumented immigrants through a proposed new unit in the Public Defender’s Office.

The latest clash lover the proposal from Public Defender Jeff Adachi, which was first announced in November, occurred during Thursday’s Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee. After three hours of discussion the committee voted to postpone a decision for at least two weeks.

The setback comes despite supporters’ urgent calls for the funding in the wake of President Donald Trump’s threats to mass deport undocumented immigrants.

While Mayor Ed Lee and the board had, post Trump’s election, approved a $1.5 million boost in legal defense for nonprofits in the current fiscal year, immigration advocates and Adachi argue San Francisco should take further steps to create a special defense unit in his office to handle cases of those immigrants detained and facing deportation in immigration court.

All the talk from President Trump about deporting immigrants here illegally has the Supervisors really wound-up. Apparently though it’s perfectly fine for the brutal San Francisco Police Department to terrorize immigrants apparently.

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


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