Comprehensive immigration reform would have protected immigrants now vulnerable to Trump’s politics


When it comes to immigration, the popular resistance sideshow is futile because California has already lost.

No matter how sympathetic the human stories are, how solid someone’s work ethic, the fact remains that the undocumented experience begins with a violation of law. And that federal leaders have a right and an obligation to protect U.S. sovereignty and U.S. borders. While Mexican politicians rail against Trump, keep in mind that they, too, are cracking down on immigrants. Mexican officials have built their own walls and have their own problems with undocumented immigrants streaming across their border from Central America.

Is immigrant labor critical to California’s economic framework? Yes. Would comprehensive immigration reform have protected many of the undocumented people now vulnerable to Trump’s politics? Yes.

No matter. For California leaders who have pledged to protect undocumented immigrants, Trump is an adversary they are not prepared to fight. They can’t win this battle – or win over his supporters – by appealing to emotion. They can’t win until they formulate a legitimate economic argument that pushes back against the anti-immigrant sentiment Trump rode to the White House.

Read the whole article in the Sacramento Bee

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