Got hepatitis C but still love drugs? San Francisco has a deal for you!


Apparently stopping the city’s rampant drug use wasn’t a good suggestion.

Instead, San Francisco is trying to become the first city in the nation to eliminate hepatitis C, rolling out an ambitious plan that would involve curing everyone who already has it and stopping further spread of the infectious disease, which can cause severe liver damage.

Just two or three years ago, the plan, called End Hep C SF, would have been impossible. But a new cure that is effective and relatively easy to take, combined with growing enthusiasm for programs to increase access to health care, has doctors and public health officials convinced that they can wipe out the virus over the next decade.

The key is going to be identifying everyone who’s infected while persuading insurers to pay for the notoriously expensive treatment, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a 12-week regimen.

No problem for California’s hapless taxpayers.

If the plan works, drug loving Americans can get jacked-up all the time and stay hep-free. It’s how we roll in Libtopia.

Source: SF working on ambitious plan to eliminate hepatitis C – San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. And WHY do TAXPAYERS have to pay for drug addicts so they can go right back to shooting up and get Hep C all over again.. They should get the drugs one time and thats it.. Your on your own after that.


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