Levee break forces 500 out; another embarrassment for hapless California


A 20-foot breach in a San Joaquin River levee that forced an evacuation order was plugged by emergency crews. For the time being, however, an evacuation order for about 500 people remained in place.

The levee break came at the end of a long, sopping wet day that saw officials at Don Pedro Reservoir east of Modesto open a gated spillway for the first time since the 1997 floods.

That action released a torrent of water that eventually will put even more strain on the levees of San Joaquin County.

The fact that the recent breach took place even before all that water arrives may not portend well for the days and weeks to come.

Even before the breach, it was a nervous day for many in the San Joaquin watershed as Don Pedro, the state’s sixth-largest reservoir, lacking enough room to handle the latest storm, opened a flood spillway.

Read the whole story in the Stockton Record


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