#DelaineEastin kicks off gubernatorial campaign


Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction Schools Delaine Eastin acknowledges that being the only declared female candidate is the least of her challenges in her quest to become the next state’s governor.

There’s raising money, establishing name recognition, and overcoming the fact that she’s been out of public office for more than a decade. The former State Assemblywoman, 69, has been viewed as so much of a dark horse that, to date, she still hasn’t been included in any of the major polls on the race.

But at a campaign kickoff event at a supporter’s home in Davis Tuesday, Eastin told a packed crowd of enthusiastic backers that she has what no other candidate in the race does: a singular focus on education, an issue she says will shape California for generations to come.

Read the whole story in Politico


One comment

  1. Hey.. ask her how that education system working working baby. we’re NOT educating anyone in Kaly anymore and are producing gang members, hotel maids and no one speaks English. LA has a grad rate of 52%.. Nice going and this crazy wants to be govenor because..like Hilary.. She’s a woman and that the only qualification she needs.


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