#GovernorBrown’s environmental credentials really aren’t that good


Governor Brown’s refusal to address the full spectrum of environmental problems that affect people daily should be a reminder to Democrats of the dangers of the elite, ivory tower approach that contributed to the transfer of power of the federal government to Trump. If that doesn’t wake up Brown to see the trees, what will?

Read the whole opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. Remember when JERRY, used STATE WORKERS AND A NEWLY APPOINTED KALY OFFICIAL to look for OIL… Oil ?? on his families ranch and not one word was mentioned and the felonies were ignored.. So much for MR Enviro… Looking for OIL and using States agencies !! I thought this guy hated OIL,.. Only if it’s on somebodies eleses proprty.. He’s like all the rest… I want to get rich and hope to strike OIL..


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