Police chief to illegals – you’re here, no problem


Windsor Police Chief Carlos Basurto wants to reassure those who are here illegally that Windsor police are not going to come after them,

As the grandson of undocumented immigrants, Basurto has a unique perspective on President Trump’s hard stance on illegal immigration and the protests and anxiety they’ve engendered.

Basurto, the only Latino police chief among Sonoma County’s nine cities, also has in-laws who emigrated from Mexico in the 1960s to work in the pear orchards. Only much later did they become naturalized citizens.

Basurto’s comments were delivered in a “letter to the community” in both English and Spanish posted this week on the town’s website, social media and printed in a local newspaper.

It comes as the Windsor Town Council plans to consider a resolution next week declaring the town “a united community that values its diversity and the contributions of all residents” and supports the safeguarding of the civil rights, safety and dignity of all residents.

The draft resolution reaffirms that town services, including public safety, will be provided without regard to immigration status.

Read the whole story in the Press Democrat


One comment

  1. PULL the FEDERAL MONIES.. So We can go on crome spree’s without fear now as the cops who are polical hacks have said that some crimes and laws won’t be enforced.. BS… Remove him


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