California’s roads are crumbling to pieces – state leaders don’t seem to care


Oroville Dam isn’t the only piece of California dancing on the edge of disaster this month.

For years, people in the transportation world have complained California roads and other infrastructure have been quietly crumbling. With this winter’s heavy rains, that deterioration is no longer quiet. It’s become YouTube fodder.

That includes sensational video last week of a fire truck suddenly plummeting off the edge of a collapsed section of Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County and a video in Studio City of two cars disappearing into a 20-foot-deep sinkhole in the middle of a residential street.

Caltrans said it has already spent more than $400 million in emergency funds this winter to deal with state highway failures. If you add emergency work on local roads, the costs could already have topped $1 billion statewide.

This winter has finally left an impression on state and community leaders. Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed more than $400 million be spent on flood control. “We got to belly up to the bar and start spending money.”

Yeah, right. If the Governor and Legislators actually cared, they would have done something about this long ago.

A coalition of road builders, cities and counties applauded the Governor but said the Legislature must finally come up with permanent stable funding for transportation.

They shouldn’t hold their breath.

Source material courtesy of the Sacramento Bee


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