Congressman #JeffDenham skips town hall meeting circus


Congressman Jeff Denham wanted no part of a gathering in the 10th Congressional District similar to the three 4th District Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Roseville, braved in his, including a two-session verbal bloodletting Wednesday night in Sonora.

McClintock was an idiot who took the bait and got caught in the trap. He looked stupid and incompetent.

Denham apparently wised up. He’s not the only one.

Across the nation, GOP congressional representatives went home to face angry constituents who clearly don’t like what they’ve seen thus far from President Donald Trump – including some who voted for him in November – as well as others don’t think he’s gone far enough fast enough.

Suddenly, people who used to detest Congress but loved their district’s representative have turned on him/her too. And just as suddenly, many politicians who played to crowds during the campaigns now avoid them.

Source material courtesy of the Modesto Bee


One comment

  1. To event think that the crowds who show up at the Repub Townhalls are not staged shows a clear lack of understanding on how the DemoRATS are staging these events. Obama’s ” Organizing for America HANDBOOK/ MANUAL has been found and clearly they are using it to harass the GOP Reps. If you know the folks that live in Sonora, you then must know that they back president trump 100%. More FAKE NEWS by a site that usually does better than this.


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