Political neglect means you’ll pay more for road repairs


The way California raises money to maintain and repair state highways and local roads has largely been the same for more than two decades.

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders want to change that, and Californians would pay more as a result.

In what would be the biggest shakeup of state transportation funding since the early 1990s, they are trying to craft a package that would raise billions of dollars for road upkeep, goods movement and public transit, mostly through a mix of higher taxes and fees.

Officials point to tens of billions of dollars in road maintenance and repair backlogs, with this month’s crisis at Oroville Dam presenting a case study of what can happen as public works age.

Super-minority Republicans have criticized the proposed tax increases, recommending that the state reallocate its existing money to pay for roads.

In typical Republican fashion, they haven’t said which programs they would cut in exchange. (That’s because they really don’t have a plan.)

Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley, said his members have been largely excluded from the talks. That’s what happens when you’re a super-minority.

Source material courtesy of the Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. The Dem’s are ONLY going to take our money and if you think they are going to repair roads, the I have land for you in Hawaii that is available at low tide. They are going to take that cash that they are going to steal and it will go for PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION , MORE BIKE PATHS.. All of which nobody uses. The repubs are correct. They can take monies that are already available and start with the that… Jerry and his Socialist thugs are about to run another scam on us ..just like Global Warming and the 7 billion $$$ Bond we passed when he said he would build Water storage.. It’s Time to move folks.Jerry is getting ready to rip us off again and is going to muck this one up.. Big League.


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