The @CaGOP’s hate-based political message has done them in 


With Donald Trump in the White House, a party long out of step in Democrat-dominated California sees an opportunity. Republicans say they should have a more relevant role as a bridge between the state and a GOP Congress and White House. A state that voted for Hillary Clinton, they say, still needs to maintain its financial ties with the federal government.

Nice try Republicans. However no one is going to buy this gibberish.

It’s a new situation for lawmakers who remain a political minority in California. A poll released earlier this month found that a third of Golden State voters approve of the job Trump has done so far. In most California districts, Republican legislators outperformed Trump.

And the demographic reality in California is as troubling for Republican politicians as it was before the election.

Making up 26 percent of voters, Republicans are barely hanging on as the second-largest registration status in the state. Californians who declined to state a party preference represented 24.3 percent of voters in November.

Latinos, a majority of whom are Democrats, are the largest ethnic group in California, giving them more influence here than anywhere else in the country. While carrying Trump and Republicans nationally, poor and middle class Caucasians represent a decreasing segment of the population in California.

In the end, the hate-based rhetoric that has been the foundation of the California GOP’s political strategy for decades has done them in. Their irrelevancy is their reward for their incompetence and bigotry.

Source material courtesy of the Sacramento Bee


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