#Islamics no doubt grateful for Aguilar’s denouncement of President Trump


Rep. Pete Aguilar has previously asked President Trump not to refer to the 2015 attack in San Bernardino to justify his plans to limit immigration as a way to prevent terrorism.

When the name of the city he’s mourned with again slipped from the president’s lips Tuesday night, the Redlands Democrat was offended.

“It’s just inaccurate and wrong to use San Bernardino as justification for any of the policies that he’s rolled out,” Aguilar told the Los Angeles Times after the speech.

Aguilar said the White House hasn’t responded to his requests to stop referring to the attack, in which 14 people were executed by a deranged Islamic at the Inland Regional Center.

No doubt ISIS appreciates your support Pete.

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. What a hypocrite.. about not referring to the Muslim crazies as an excuse to stop them from coming..Your standard Kaly democrat who is upset that his voting block is going to be stopped from voting him into office for ever.. Jerry, clearly is using that attack by deranged religious fanatics to steal, out 2nd Amendment rights with law after law and Jerry and Leon said so.. Good for President Trump. Once his Supreme Court pick is on the bench, expect the law that the political judges blocked to be lifted and all the seven countries he has put on a list, will not be able to come here and cause mayhem and murder.


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