Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy executes woman with bipolar disorder

Hanibal Yadegar said he cannot understand why a Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy had to fatally shoot his wife early Sunday after a vehicle pursuit that ended in Ripon.

Yadegar and his wife, Evin, own the Barkin’ Dog Grill, a downtown Modesto institution. He said his wife would not hurt anyone and had never been in trouble but had a bipolar disorder and was undergoing a manic episode. He said it started in January when she stopped taking her medication.

Yadegar said Ripon police officials spoke with him Tuesday but could not tell him why a deputy had to shoot his wife.

“My question for him (one of the officials) was what danger was she that justified the shooting? His answer was that we are investigating that. My other question was that why with all of those officers present, at least four were present, why did only one them discharge his weapon? If she was such a danger, my assumption is then everyone would be shooting.”

Sheriff Adam Christianson said at a Tuesday news conference he plans to meet with Yadegar and answer his questions and help him through “this very difficult process.”

Enjoy your Police State.

Read the whole story in the Modesto Bee


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