Deputy believed orders to obstruct FBI probe came from Baca


The mission behind hiding Anthony Brown, a Los Angeles County inmate-turned-FBI-informant, had a name: Operation Pandora’s Box.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who came up with the label told a federal jury in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday he had hidden inmates several times before. So when he was instructed to keep Brown away from federal agents investigating the use of excessive force within Men’s Central Jail in 2011, James Sexton put Operation Pandora’s Box into motion.

“I thought it was apropos to what was going on at the time,” Sexton said of the mission, which he named based on the Greek myth of a container that held all the evils of the world. The evils, Sexton said, were what the FBI was trying to investigate within the jails.

Sexton said he followed the orders of his commanding officer, who he understood received instructions from former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and ex-Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, to hide Brown from the FBI.

Enjoy your Police State

Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Daily News


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