#SanFrancisco goes out of its way to prove that the death of #KathrynSteinle was in vain

Mexican Consul General Gemi José González López and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon signed an agreement to continue working together to solve crime.

The agreement was an extension of an already existing memorandum of understanding that five years ago created cooperation between both offices when it comes to victims of crimes and witnesses who may not legally be in the country.

The cooperation, both leaders said, is aimed at helping crime victims and witnesses who would otherwise fear cooperating with local law enforcement so that they come forward and help solve crimes without fear of deportation.

The occasion, hours before President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress and in the wake of a feared immigration crackdown, was the first time Gascon has made his position on immigration public since Trump took office last month.

San Francisco has gone out of its way to demonstrate that the death of Kathryn Steinle, at the hands of an undocumented immigrant released from County Jail, was in vain.

We’re surprised and disappointed that Gascon would participate in this political stunt. We had higher hopes for him.

True it was an undocumented immigrant who pulled the trigger on the gun that killed Ms. Steinle, but it was failed government policy that created the environment that allowed her senseless death to happen.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Examiner


One comment

  1. District Attorney George Gascon now has blood on his hands and we can only hope that Att Gen Sessions will come after these criminals hiding behind the law to finally get justice for Kathy. This is a disgrace and further evidence that the demoRAT party is as corrupt as can be and deserves a full federal investigation.


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