If kids can afford lunch at school, officials let them starve


What kind of school system denies food to hungry children because their parents fall behind in their school lunch payments?

Fortunately, a California lawmaker wants to end “lunch shaming” at campuses across the state.

Sen. Bob Hertzberg is carrying a bill he says will put a stop to schools embarrassing children whose parents fall behind on their lunch payments.

Hertzberg says the shaming takes multiple forms: Some students are altogether denied food while others are given paltry snacks.

Such treatment, he says, “undercuts a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school. “We also know that embarrassing children in front of peers can destroy their self-confidence.”

No kidding.

Senate Bill 250 would prevent schools from withholding the meals and require school officials to tell guardians when unpaid lunch fees exceed five full-priced lunches.

Read the whole story in the Sacramento Bee


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