#TravisAllen proves to the world that he’s the latest #idiot from #OrangeCounty


It earned a “Pants on fire: The statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim” rating from Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter, but state Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, is stuck on stupid.

California legalized child prostitution when it decriminalized child prostitution, he said in December, vowing to repeal a new law that treats kids ensnared in the sex trade as victims rather than as criminals.

To that end, Allen has introduced Assembly Bill 1402, to the horror of many victims’ advocates. It would re-criminalize prostitution for those under age 18, meaning kids who are trafficked by pimps and sexually assaulted by johns could again be arrested and swept into the criminal justice system.

It would obliterate a new law by Sen. Holly J. Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, that assigns “underage victims of commercial sexual exploitation” to the care of California’s Department of Social Services, rather than to Juvenile Hall. Allen argued that legislation ties law enforcement’s hands and leaves authorities nearly powerless.

He’s a moron and a bigot, congratulations Republicans.

Read the whole story in the Orange County Register


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