#LAPD continues to blast away at citizens

Trigger happy LAPD officers shot a woman in Silver Lake during an incident on Monday afternoon. In usual fashion, the officers claimed she was threatening them with a rifle and that they feared for their lives.

Sorry, we imply don’t believe the police any longer when they say this.

Every citizen is the enemy of the LAPD.

The officers were responding to calls about a combative woman at a residence. Police officers claim they made several attempts to contact the woman before she approached them while allegedly carrying a rifle.

Based on the LAPD’s history we don’t believe any of this either.

Amazingly, the officers fired several bean-bag rounds at the woman but were unable to stop her and were forced to open fire. Obviously this woman had super-powers and the frightened police had no other choice but to gun her down.

The shooting marked the second time in three days that Los Angeles police officers opened fire on a suspect. On Saturday, police officers shot and killed an unarmed man armed.

Enjoy your Police State

Read the whole story in the LA Times


One comment

  1. Here’s the solution.. based on a day without immigrants… A day without the Police… maybe .. two days.. After the illegal alien drug gangs and common criminals are done launching a crime war on these Twinkies, they will be begging the cops to come back and restore order by any means necessary


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