#SanFrancisco taxpayers will pick up the tab for attorneys to represent detained immigrants

The San Francisco public defender’s office will begin representing detained immigrants facing deportation, after Mayor Ed Lee said he would approve four new positions dedicated to that purpose.

Lee said Friday that he would immediately sign off on three new immigration attorneys and one paralegal for Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s office. The mayor’s approval is necessary when a city department hires more employees than are included in its budget.

The deal among Adachi, Lee and the Board of Supervisors brings to a close months of negotiations over whether the public defender’s office should represent detained immigrants and, if so, to what degree.

Read the whole story in the San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. His city is the classic democrat occupied basket case. Huge taxes, lousy roads, crime is skyrocketing, crumbling infrastructure, a out of control homeliness population due to terrible city financial decisions, and housing that no one can afford etc.Now he’s going to spend millions defending illegal aliens who have busted our borders and are part of the cities crime issue like the killer who murdered Kate..Nice going Ed.. Looks like San Francisco is ripe to have President Trump yank his federal funding.. Looking forward to that one..


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